Zach Gilford Kiele Sanchez Daughter Pictures

How did the couple meet?

Zachary and Kiele were already successful US movie stars before meeting each other. The two of them began dating when they met each other on the set of the television pilot for the Matadors, a popular Tv movie that was released in 2010. The pair became engaged on November 11 and then married on December 29, 2012. 

Initially, they met each other when they were working for a studio. After getting married to each other, the couple also co-starred as an on-screen couple in a movie named The Purge: Anarchy. 

Facing Unfortunate Incident 

Unfortunately, the couple didn’t get exactly what they were expecting as Kiele Sanchez heartbreakingly had to go through miscarriage two months after announcing her pregnancy. Before the arrival of their daughter, the couple was expecting a baby boy as their first child. The couple revealed that they had lost a baby near the end of Sanchez’s third trimester in October 2015. 

The actress was emotionally devasted by the miscarriage of her child. In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, she wrote:

“It was a few weeks after losing my pregnancy. A few weeks after giving birth to him. My son, Winter. I was in New York City and was supposed to start the next season of Kingdom in a few weeks. I couldn’t imagine it. The amount of pain I felt consumed me. Every day it bit me. Chewed on me. Swallowed me. I felt heavy and hollow.”

She has also revealed that she has spent a lot of her time in therapy and has to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication after she lost a child. 

Became Parents through Surrogacy

Gilford and Sanchez were finally able to become parents on November 2017 when their daughter Zeppelin Adele Gilford was born through surrogacy. The couple turned to surrogacy when they decided to try again for a baby and were finally blessed with a healthy and strong daughter. In an interview with the People, the couple said, “We have always wanted to be parents, and Zeppelin has made our dreams come true”. With the arrival of Zeppelin, their melancholy experience of childbearing became joyful again.

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