You Might Be Surprised By Bert Fields’s Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

You Might Be Surprised By Bert Fields’s Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

The fiercely devoted powerhouse Hollywood lawyer Bert Fields has passed away. He was known for his work with clients including Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Tom Cruise, George Lucas, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and many others. He was 93.

By taking on Paramount Pictures and obtaining writer-director May’s final cut of her 1976 film Mikey and Nicky, he became famous.

Bert Fields

Bert Fields

What Bert Fields is worth At the moment of his passing

It is thought that Bert Fields is worth about $8 million. He was a well-known Hollywood lawyer.

He passed away at 93 years old. He passed away unexpectedly, according to a spokesman for his law firm, in his Malibu home.

He was a lawyer with a focus on entertainment law. He talked while repping numerous prestigious film studios and well-known individuals at Stanford and Harvard Law Schools. Fields was a writer of both fiction and non-fiction works as well as a musician.

Fields also acted as Michael Jackson’s legal representative in the early 1990s, during the Jackson child abuse allegations in 1993, and throughout the contract talks with Sony Music.

A history of the queen’s life and magnificent full-color illustrations from the National Portrait Gallery in London round out this book.

Who Is the Wife of Bert Fields? Names of His Children Are Enough

In 1991, Bert Fields wed Barbara Guggenheim, who was to become his wife. They have residences in New York and Los Angeles.

James Elder Fields was their lone child.

He was married three times. After obtaining his legal degree, Fields married Amy Markson, his college sweetheart, and the two were parents to James Elder Fields.

He married in 1960 after divorcing Lydia Minevitch two years previously. She was married for 27 years before dying of lung cancer in 1986.

For art consulting, she founded the Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. organisation. The company has been operating for more than 25 years and has offices in both New York and Los Angeles.

Who Is The Fields Family Of Bert?

On March 31, 1929, Bertram Fields was born in Los Angeles. He was the only child of Mildred Arlyn Ruben, a former ballerina, and Maxwell Fields, an eye surgeon whose patients included Groucho Marx and Mae West.

When Bert’s parents got divorced, he was still in his teens. Bert briefly lived in a boarding home and worked as a caddy.

At the age of 20, Fields got a bachelor’s degree from UCLA. Three years later, in 1952, he went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated with the top honours while serving as the editor of the Harvard Law Review. In addition to working as a professor at Stanford Law School, he married Amy Markson, his undergraduate sweetheart.

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