Why Was Clarence Yarbrough Arrested? Assault And Charges Explained

Clarence Yarbrough is ready to wed her boyfriend, Kirk Scott, and he’s currently making headlines for having the courage to choose the same wedding day he chose to marry his ex-fiancé.

Yarbrough posted a photo of his engagement with his fiancée on May 25. He said the couple would wed on September 3, 2022. Picking out their wedding date, Clarence wrote, “”You better get ready to save your date I’m getting ready to step on the pedal #3 September 2022.”

In a shocking turn of events, Yarbrough announced that he would still be getting married in September, on the same date, but to Scott and no longer to his ex-girlfriend. Rumor has it Clarence left his fiancée after he allegedly got her pregnant.

Yarbrough said in his post that he and Scott will be getting married in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Scott revealed that he and Yarbrough had already dated for two years before their union fell apart, according to a now-deleted Facebook post.

He further claimed that the two decided to get back together after Yarbrough’s relationship with his girlfriend didn’t go as planned. In the words of Scott: “Let me say this, Clarance and I separated for 6 months with no contact. That being said, we dated for 2 years before our separation. So the love we had n didn’t die during those six months.”

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