Why Does Simon Cowell Have A Wrist Brace On? Hand Injury Update

Simon Cowell on the premiere of AGT ( Source : People )

Why does Simon Cowell have a wrist brace on? Fans wonder about his hand injury after spotting him with the brace multiple times.

Simon Cowell is a name that needs little to no introduction among reality entertainment shows fans and the whole public in general.

He is popular for his TV appearances in various shows such as Got Talent and X-Factor.

In fact, he is the creator of those franchises, and people from almost every country where these franchises run know who Cowell is.

Several participants participate in these shows every season and the fans are also equally excited each time to see how things unfold on the screen.

And one name that always gets the headlines for the TV presence is Simon.

Recently he has been seen wearing a wrist brace on his left hand for quite a long time and the fans have eventually taken a prominent notice of it.

As a result, they are curious to know about what actually happened to him and the latest update on its rehab.

Why Does Simon Cowell Have A Wrist Brace On? Hand Injury Update

Simon Cowell has a wrist brace on because he broke his arm after falling from his e-bike just a few weeks before the new season started.

When he was asked about his hand at the premiere of the show, he clearly gave the reasoning for the cause.

In the interview, Simon said he broke his arm pretty bad and it required him around six weeks to remove the big brace and shift to his current small version.

Although the accident itself was pretty dangerous, the personality further expressed his relief that surgery was not required for it.

He nearly broke his ligaments which would have been a nastier experience than the current one.

At the present time, Simon is putting on the brace for full recovery and stability as the healing is almost completed.

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Simon Cowell Previous Accident Details, What Has Happened?

Simon Cowell previously broke his back from falling from his bike in 2020 which was worst than his broken hand.

In fact, the hand injury that he suffered in 2022 was the second major damage that he faced in the last 18 months prior to that.

In August of 2020, Simon fell from his bike and had a serious back injury.

As reported by Cinemablend, he broke his back in the courtyard of his home.

He was seriously hurt and the wound required a lengthy five-hour surgery to treat.

As a result, Cowell was sidelined and bed rested for a few months.

What Is Simon Cowell Famous For? His Real Job Apart From AGT

Simon Cowell is famous for his work on AGT and X-Factor.

Apart from this, his real job is as a record producer, entrepreneur, and record executive.

Besides them, several other titles also fit with his profession such as actor, critic, composer, talent agent, talent manager, TV presenter, and so on.

Composing all the separate titles, Cowell is a TV personality who produces and manages TV shows alongside presenting them.

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