Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?

Want to Know why Harry drops the Resurrection stone? All the Harry Potter fans reading this article must be highly curious to know what made him do that. Well, it all happened in Deathly Hallows. It’s very much weird to see any movie character destroying his power for the sake of the inability to hold it for a long time. But why did Harry make such an intentional act, making the audience shocked? People also made this question to their respective social media platforms, including Twitter, for discussion. Let’s dive into this piece to learn why the young wizard drops the resurrection stone. 


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Harry Potter Dropped The Resurrection Stone: Why? 

The audience has made several theories about Harry Potter dropping the resurrection stone. Some fans are convinced that Harry didn’t want to use it as the master of death or bring people back to life. With the title Deathly Hallows, the Resurrection Stone is the second magical item that has ever been created. It can do unbelievable wonders. The other couple of Hallows is named Elder Wand and the Cloak of Invisibility, respectively. The one owning all of these Hallows becomes the Master of Death. 

Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?

Resurrection Stone

One of the major reasons behind Harry dropping the Resurrection Stone was it didn’t bring back the dead people. Also, he did the same because he knew if he gave up on that, no one else would become the Master of Death. This was mainly made so that Voldemort was unable to possess the three Hallows and be the same. However, it was Harry himself who became the Master of Death.

No one could escape from death. It was next to impossible. At some point, Harry and Voldemort fight in the forest, and the former gets killed by a Dark Wizard. But he didn’t die in real. Well, when he was infant, he was injected by Voldemort’s piece of soul. So, in this battle, he didn’t die, but it was Voldemort’s soul which passed away after being attacked. Instead, Harry got resurrected as himself, just like the way he was in reality. 

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