Why Does Ben Call Devi David in Never Have I Ever?

The stormy love life of an American-Indian adolescent named Devi Vishwakumar is the subject of Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever.” Although the protagonist of the narrative first has a crush on Paxton, the most popular kid in school, she quickly finds herself in the middle of a love triangle when her bitter rival Ben changes his ways and shows interest in dating. Des, a different potential partner who has his own benefits and drawbacks, is introduced in the third season.

Devi gets a nickname from each of the three boys she falls in love with. Paxton continues to refer to her by her last name, Vishwakumar, while Ben has a completely different approach. She answers to David. We have the answer to your question about why Ben calls Devi, a girl with a name that is unmistakably male. Here is all the information you require regarding the nickname’s genesis.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Why Does Ben Call Devi David?

Ben and Devi are initially bitter adversaries in their relationship. They are both exceptionally talented in the classroom and have been vying for the best grade in the class for a very long time. They frequently make fun of one another, especially when it comes to their names and how well-liked they are in school. Ben, who was then dating Shira, gave Devi and her friends Eleanor and Fabiola the nickname “U.N.” in the first season (un-effable nerds). He does this to irritate people and get under their skin.

He goes one step further in his taunting Devi by referring to her as David. Although it ends up being a term of endearment in the later seasons, given Ben’s feelings for Devi, it initially comes off as unpleasant and possibly even little bigoted. He changes her name—which he can actually pronounce—into a westernized one, something that people with “difficult” names must deal with. However, this intended insult goes a step farther.

Ben and Devi frequently become so hostile to one another that they begin making fun of one other’s appearances. Ben makes fun of Devi in one moment because she has a mustache that makes her look masculine. For the same reason, he changes the girl’s name into a boy’s, making her feel self-conscious about her appearance. Devi, however, doesn’t doubt herself based on the word of a fellow nerd and responds by asserting that at the very least, she can grow a mustache. Ben finds this to be demeaning because, despite being in his late teens, he still isn’t able to develop a mustache, which is typically a sign of maturing and becoming maturity.

It’s also intriguing how Ben stops referring to her as David once they start dating or when he starts to worry about her. Due to the erratic nature of their relationship, they frequently have ups and downs where one of them becomes enraged at the other and they return to mocking and teasing one another. Ben refers to her as David during these instances once more. Devi, on the other hand, has long since beyond the stage where she can be bothered by what Ben names her and now accepts it in stride, offering him a few insults in return.

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