Why do fans think Courtney Veale is the new deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7?

After Captain Sandy Yeon released Bosun Raygan Tyler, it turns out that the final episode of Season 7 of Under Deck Mediterranean was pretty intense.

Raygan made her television debut on Bravo’s final season as the deck manager, or “bosun.” She did not start out as a fan favorite due to her unprofessional attitude. Captain Sandy had to let her go as a result.

The captain then elevated Storm Smith’s deck to the role of Boson. Sandy revealed in Episode 5 that a new crew member will be joining the team because they will need another platform. She explained that this person would be a female and that they had previously collaborated.

According to some rumors, Courtney Vail, the former cast member below from the Mediterranean, is the designer. She was spotted filming on the set, so many fans were sure that she would be joining the group.

Kourtney can be seen wearing green in the released photos, followed by Mzi Demper, Natalya Scudder and Storm Smith.

What are viewers’ opinions on Courtney Fell’s addition to Under the Mediterranean?

In the previous season, Courtney teamed up with Mzi Dempers and Captain Sandy. Fans are happy to see her and Mazy again in a future season because they adored their relationship.

She had to work on the last episode, even though it was soup in season 6. Find out how Kourtney’s supporters welcomed her at the show before Bravo made her official announcement:

North Wales is where Kourtney is from, according to Bravo’s website. She began her career on the deck/soup in Australia, working on several small boats. In the south of France, she worked on her first yacht.

She started to travel and live abroad after completing her education at a performing arts institution. She had a long list of careers lined up on her resume, including those of nanny, waiter, paper delivery girl, ski resort actor, and performer at Disneyland Paris.

Why was Reagan Tyler fired by Captain Sandy?

Raygan Tyler’s efforts didn’t impress Captain Sandy Yawn from the start. She has often been seen stopping to eat and smoke when the crew needs her. She lacked the ability to manage three ship owners and keep the situation under control in front of the charter guests.

Since she had given Sandy the incorrect measurement of distance when the captain was bringing the yacht to dock, this was a death knell. Sandy is shocked by the yacht as a result of Boson’s misjudgment.

Raygan was officially asked to leave in Episode 5 of Season 7 of Under Deck Mediterranean. Captain Sandy Reagan called to the bridge. Sandy said:

“On the first charter I could see that there were two crew members who were inexperienced. Even though you had the entire crew for Charter 2, half of the deck was in complete disarray. I can’t advise you on how to run a crew on A crowded charter yacht of this size appeared.

“The docking was the turning point. I screamed three meters at one point, but I had a half a meter or so. Raygan, it can’t happen because it’s so risky. Our role as a team and managers is to lead. It means a lot to me. I’ll let you go.”

According to rumors, Courtney Vail will join the crew the following week, right before the arrival of the new charter guests. Every Monday at 8pm EST on Bravo, a brand new episode of Season 7 of BELOW Deck Mediterranean is broadcasted.

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