Why Did Merciless Wife Keisha Gibbs-Bartley Commit Suicide? Overdose On Pills

Merciless was married to Keisha Gibbs-Bartley, but she killed herself in 2015, so she is no longer with him. Keisha took too many pills, which caused her to have a heart attack.

Leonard Bartley was born on July 1, 1971, in Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica. He died on July 19, 2022, in Kingston, Jamaica, and his name is now popular. He played music like dancehall and reggae.

The first time Merciless did well, it was because they used sound systems. Then, in the late 1990s, he started writing songs with “conscious” lyrics, like many other dancehall musicians.

In 1994, he put out his first record, “Lend Out Mi Mercy,” which was a hit in Jamaica and around the world. After “Mavis,” a number of other singles came out.



Why did Keisha Gibbs-Bartley, the cruel wife, kill herself?

Several reports on the web say that Keisha Gibbs-Bartley, Merciless’s wife, killed herself in 2015. Merciless is also gone from this world as of 2022.

Even though details are still sketchy, several sources say that on a Friday morning in 2015 in Longville Park, Clarendon, police found the body of a woman in the home of a musician.

The neighbor told the police and firefighters by calling the Old Harbour Fire Station. When Merciless was called, he said he didn’t want to talk but would call back later. As of the time the book came out, no one had called back.

The woman turned out to be his wife. Investigators found empty medication bottles near the body and later decided that the woman had killed herself.

At the end of the 1990s, “Gal Dem Gizada” and other songs by Merciless were big hits. But, except for a few fights here and there, the DJ has been pretty quiet over the past ten years.

Keisha Gibbs-Bartley took too many pills and died

Investigators say that Keisha Gibbs-overdose Bartley’s of pills was the main cause of her death. Police found empty pill bottles near her body.

Merciless told the press that his wife had a heart attack and died. The sad entertainer who says he found his wife dead in their bed was recently talked to by the news media.

The wife of the entertainer wanted to be buried in the United States, where her family lives. Merciless planned her funeral and made all the other decisions for her afterward.

He does, however, promise to hold a wake for her at their Longville Park Clarendon home. Some people have said that she may have killed herself by taking too many pills.

On Good Friday, the media reported that the famous DJ’s wife had been found dead in her Longville Park, Clarendon, home.

Information about the children and family of Keisha Gibbs-Bartley

Keisha Gibbs-Bartley was married to Merciless, and they had a great family, but they never talked about their kids.

Because they didn’t talk about their personal lives, the media and the public didn’t know anything about their kids or other family members.

Even though Merciless has died, there are no tributes from his children or biographies of them. So, it’s possible that Keisha and Merciless won’t have any kids together.

The sad death of Merciless is making news all over the Internet. After his sad death, people are sending condolences and obituaries to his family.

Today, the body of Jamaican dancehall artist Merciless was found in a hotel room in St. Andrew, close to Lyndhurst Road. From what we know so far, the DJ died of natural causes.

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