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What is the cause of unhappiness on YouTube? Misery left YouTube because of her mental state.

Misery moved another YouTube video before it shut down. It’s been 11 months since her last post, and it will be a year before that long.


It is used to transmit many game contents and other response recordings. In January 2022, she stated that she would take some time off from streaming content on YouTube.

Cassie Isabelle, who goes by the name Misery on her internet entertainment stages, was born and raised in Canada.

She comes from a very stable family, and her father is a money manager. She grew up with two of her relatives.

She sought after her studies in a non-governmental school in Canada, keeping in mind that growing up, she generally needed to pursue an acting career.

Does unhappiness stop YouTube? Despair is a Canadian YouTuber who left YouTube 11 months ago.

Misery posted a video on Jan. 11 saying she was shutting down on YouTube and needed to rest.

So the query appears here as to why YouTube unhappiness stopped YouTube 11 months ago. The video she uploaded is still available on her channel, with nearly 8 million views.

The main motivation behind Melancholy taking time off her YouTube channel is her physical and emotional health conditions.

In the video, she notes that she tracked down a lump in her chest and feared it might be a malignant growth on her chest. Cassie rushed to the emergency room in light of the frenzy she was going through.

She let the watchers know that her family had a past with bosom disease which really terrified her. In the video, she references each event in the medical clinic and even films the tests she had.

Following an ultrasound and mammogram, it was revealed that she does not suffer from any kind of breast disease. The specialist told her that it was just a blister in the chest and that she wanted to do other tests.

The news was somewhat comforting to her, but she indicated that she would advise a family specialist for additional testing. Circumstances added stress to her, and she needed a break from online entertainment.

She noted that in 2021 she was so slumped that she was exhausted. Misery noted in her video that even though there were other people and mates she could really admire, she felt mortality.

She understood that she was not giving proper consideration to herself and expected that she would welcome back all the attention to her. There she indicated she would be back in a month or somewhere in the vicinity, yet it’s been almost 11 months now.

Kassie often posts on other entertainment stages on the internet, and her fans are obsessed with the space she takes up.

Where could the misery of YouTube be right now? Melancholy is a Canadian YouTuber who used to create streams of gaming-related content.

She has been off YouTube for over 11 months and it was due to her medical issue.

Kassie, also called Misery, started her YouTube career in 2011 with a record named “CloudyApples” where she used to post different types of vlogs.

Finally, in 2015, she created another YouTube channel named “Melancholy” where she used to post many gaming and speech recordings.

The channel also contains many recordings such as tricks, difficulties, joint efforts, and others.

She also participated in experience games such as Sally Face, which gave her 500k views. Basically, she has also collaborated with other YouTubers like Azzy Land, Bijuu Mike, LaurenzSide, and Kubz Scout, whom she calls her best YouTube friends.

She currently has 7.37 million supporters on her YouTube channel and should be back soon. Anyway, anyway, during her breaks, Anguish has been dynamic on Instagram and works with several brands.

Instagram account.

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