Why Did Erika Alexander Divorce Her Husband? Tony Puryear Now

2017 saw the announcement of Tony Puryear and Erica Alexander’s divorce. Many people were shocked to learn that the couple had separated after roughly 20 years of marriage.

Despite their breakup as a pair, Erica and Tony have remained friends and are confident working together. The couple chose to remain apart rather than remain together, although there was no unpleasant cause for it.

The pair first kept their divorce a secret, but Erica has recently begun talking openly about their union and divorce. There are still some unanswered questions on the reasons why the marriage dissolved after such a protracted relationship, the whereabouts of the couples, and their recent activities.

Let’s find out why they split up and find out more about Tony Puryear, the ex-husband of Erica Alxendar.

Erika Alexander and her ex-husband Tony Puryear

Erika Alexander and her ex-husband Tony Puryear

Where Is Tony Puryear Now? Erika Alexander Husband

One of the most in-demand American screenwriters and artists is Tony Puryear. He is presently a resident of Los Angeles’ downtown.

Tony Puryear became the first American screenwriter to write a $100 million summer blockbuster with his 1996 screenplay for the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Eraser (1996). Additionally, he has produced films for Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, Will Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Tony Puryear And Erica Alexander’s Divorce Reason

About 20 years into their relationship, Tony Puryear and Erica Alexander decided to split up. The two unexpectedly filed for divorce, but because they were reluctant to discuss it, there was little to no information available regarding the reasons why.

But Erin shared some views about what might have led to the couple’s breakup in the interview with Jazmyyn Summers for Eurweb.

the main cause of the couple’s incompatibility with one another. They both value each other and think the other is a fantastic person, but their chemistry wasn’t as strong as it had been in the beginning of their relationship. They didn’t get along, and Erin observed that their separation would be preferable to their reunion.

The couple’s divorce was as peaceful as the ocean. There were no arguments, insults, or passive-aggressive remarks. Even after their divorce, the pair remained friends and frequently collaborated on projects.

Among Tony’s most recent graphic works are a number of images for the contentious 2016 adult colouring book BAIT by author and screenwriter Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club.) Tony’s most recent collection of political artwork, Gankstas!, explores the schemes, personalities, and hostile takeover of the American government by the Trump Crime Family.

What Is Tony Puryear Net Worth?

Tony Puryear has a $2 million net worth. He is renowned for his work on the screenplay for the movie Eraser.

The 1996 feature picture “Eraser,” which was based on his screenplay, had a $100 million box office budget; it earned $242 million in total. The next year, he created the TV special “Popcorn Movie Review.”

Tony also co-created, co-wrote, and co-drew the critically acclaimed graphic novel series Concrete Park for Dark Horse Comics with Erika Alexander. Action-packed science fiction story Concrete Park features protagonists of colour in a frightening future. This renowned multicultural comic, which won the 2016 Glyph Award for Best Collection, was one of The Best American Comics of 2013.

Tony Puryear’s  Age

Tony Puryear, who was born on November 19, 1969, is 52 years old and is able to walk. He was born in New York and is a native of the USA. He is of African American descent; his mother is of later ancestry, while his father is of the former.

He studied at Brown University, became known as a gourmet chef at a young age, and won awards for presentation and design. James Patterson hired Tony to move to New York so he could art-direct popular television commercials for Burger King and Goodyear.

Following that, Tony began directing ground-breaking hip-hop music videos for musicians like K-Solo, EPMD, and LL Cool J. He moved to Hollywood after being selected for the first class of The Walt Disney Company’s Writers Program.

He also contributed as a staff writer (2002–2003) to the critically acclaimed Showtime series Street Time for executive producer and former drug dealer Richard Stratton. Then, in 2018, he worked as a staff writer on the well-liked USA series Queen of the South.

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