Who was Chris Hixon? Parkland victim’s special needs son Cory Hixon gives HEARTBREAKING testimony

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: On Thursday, August 4, the trial of Nicholas Cruz in Fort Lauderdale court heard one of the most emotional testimony.

A Florida attorney asked the son of late athletic director Chris Hickson, a disabled person, if he had anything to say about his father.

“Yes,” said the late sports director’s son, Corey Hickson, and looked nervously at his mother, who had joined him on the podium. “I miss him,” Cory told the jury, then cried for a few minutes while leaning on his mother. When asked by the jury if he remembered anything specific about his dear father, he said, “We ran to Dunkin’ Donuts every Saturday and walked back. The silence in the courtroom after Corey’s statement said a lot about how bad his role on the stage was.”

Cory kept giving his mom hugs as he talked about his memories because he needed emotional support. But his mother remained strong and reassured him through the whole process. Cory was diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome, a disorder that affects many different parts of the body. It can cause facial changes, slow growth, various levels of intellectual disability, abnormal bones, and short height. He was seen going to court in a black suit, white shirt and burgundy tie. Cruz is seen looking down and placing his hands on his head as he speaks. Most of Cruz’s defense lawyers were in tears at what was said. Hickson served in the military and worked as a security guard. He is still remembered as one of the most helpful, knowledgeable, and hardworking faculty members at Douglas High School.

Debbie Hickson, Chris Hickson’s wife, said in her previous testimony: “His death shattered. Our lives are missing something that will never be filled. He was a great man living a normal life. Thomas Hickson, Corey’s brother, also made a statement through video conferences. He said:” Military service was a mortgage as a father and son, and I was better in the Marines and as a commander because of what he taught me.” “We will always remember him for his courage, leadership and sense of humor.” But prosecutors concluded their case Thursday, August 4, hoping the jury will see that Cruz murdered 17 people, including 14 children and 3 teachers, and was sentenced to death instead of life in prison. The case, which has been suspended for a week, will continue with defense arguments. They are expected to say that Cruz’s traumatic childhood was a factor in the mass shooting and that the verdict Just life imprisonment.

What is his name?

One of the people killed was Chris Hickson, whose real name was Christopher Brent Hickson, at Douglas High School. During the Parkland School shooting, Cruz shot and killed him. Chris served in the army and also taught wrestling. He was appointed in charge of school security and the athletics department at Douglas High School in Parkland, USA. On February 14, 2018, Cruz used an AR-15 cannon to attack the school. 17 people were killed, 14 of them children. Chris ran towards the sound of gunfire to save the children. While he was helping some students leave the campus, Cruz shot him and he fell to the ground. Chris died the next day in hospital.

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