Who Is Veronica Ord? Sister Of Tara Ord Sidarovich Talks About The Murder Story On Dateline

The upcoming NBC Dateline show will be about the terrible death of 19-year-old Tara Ord-Sidarovich in Florida.

The bones of Veronica Ord’s sister Tara Ord Sidarovich were found a year after she went missing.

In the same way, more research showed that Phillip Barr and David Ray McMannis were both involved in the incident.

Barr is serving out the rest of his sentence at the Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead, while McMannis is at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in Washington County.

In the next episode, “The Knock at the Door,” Keith Morisson will look into the events that led up to the death and the investigation that followed.

Find out more about the crime and where Veronica Ord is by reading ahead.

Veronica Ord

Veronica Ord

Who Is Veronica Ord And Where Is She Today?

Tara Ord Sidarovich’s sister, Veronica Ord, was still in high school when Tara disappeared for no reason.

Veronica was born in Punta Gorda, Florida. She grew up in a small family, and she and both of her siblings got along well. Even the show talked about how often Veronica looked up to Tara and thought of her as her idol.

As of today, Veronica has graduated from the Emergency Medical Technician programme at Luzerne County Community College. Before that, she worked as a Luzerne County Telecommunicator and Dispatcher.

Even though Veronica likes to hide her presence these days, she seems to like being surrounded by her family.

Tara Ord Sidarovich Sister Veronica Ord’s Husband And Family

There’s a chance that Veronica Ord has a husband and is married. But it’s still not clear what’s going on with her relationships.

She has also kept a low profile over the past few years. Before Tara went missing in a mysterious way, Veronica was raised by her mother, Sharon McPhillips, and her father, Ronald Ord.

Also, Ord was very involved in the case of Tara’s murder. Because of her work, David and Phillip were found guilty of killing Tara and given life sentences without the chance of parole.

Veronica Ord’s Interview On Dateline About Sister Tara Sidarovich Story

Dateline on NBC will cover the horrible details of Tara Sidarovich’s tragic death. Parts of the interview with Veronica and her parents can be seen in the latest post.

Tara Ord-younger Sidarovich’s brothers and sisters, Veronica and Paul Ord, were shocked to see that their sister was missing when they got off the school bus.

Her car, on the other hand, was still in the driveway, and her things were still in the house. When Tara didn’t come home until the evening, her mother got worried and called the police.

At the business where Tara worked, Golden Isle Jewelry, her coworkers said she was on her way to get paid, but she never showed up. Since weeks or months ago, there had been no new information about the case.

Also, Michael Artell thought he might know something about the murder of Tara Ord-Sidarovich in 2007 after seeing a show about it on TV.

Along with Artell’s testimony, several other witnesses said they saw Barr’s truck parked at the place where Tara was taken. In 2012, Phillip Barr and David Ray McMannis were taken into custody.

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