Who Is Vanesa Lorenzo? Meet The Beautiful Wife Of Carles Puyol!

Vanesa Lorenzo Memoir It is an honor to date a model, and Carles Puyol has it. He is a persuasive athlete, however there is a lot to his life other than sports.

He has been involved with a high-profile model for quite a long time. This couple is a perfect pair since they are entirely viable. In any case, individuals have hardly any familiarity with his flawless model sweetheart. This article will fill you in regarding the lovely Spanish model Vanesa Lorenzo. Vanesa is a madly lovely lady with a fruitful vocation and family.


Sadly, individuals have barely any familiarity with her since she is exceptionally confidential about her life. So prepare to meet this wonderful model spouse of Charles Puyol.

She Is The Timid, Lovely Princess From Fantasies The birthdate of Vanesa Lorenzo is 7 January 1977, meaning she is over 40 years of age. Be that as it may, she doesn’t look near her age since she normally looks youthful. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn showing that she is peaceful and aggressive. She is wary about her not entirely settled to ascend in the business regardless of the situation.

Vanesa has delightful light hair that contacts her shoulders in delicate waves. Her blondie dresses praise her hypnotizing eyes and fair complexion tone.

Birthday January 7th, 1977
Place of Birth Barcelona, Spain
Nationality Spain
Residency N.A.
Boyfriend Carles Puyol
Job Model
Instagram @vanesalorenzo_
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Tattoos N.A.
Smoking N.A.
Sister / Brother N.A.
Father & Mother N.A.
Religion N.A.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth (approx.) $2 Million

She likewise has an exceptionally thin figure, because of which she looks youthful. Because of her diligent effort towards her wellbeing, she is as yet a model in her forties.

She Procured A Degree In Style Plan Vanesa is an exceptionally taught lady with a degree in design plan. She had a monstrous love for style during youth, because of which she never had a confounded outlook on her profession decision. Boss pastor optional training in Spain and left for Italy to concentrate on style plan at the Instituto Europeo di Plan.

In Italy, she fabricated great associations with advance her displaying profession and acquired an exhaustive information on style planning. As may be obvious, her endeavors have paid off on the grounds that she is a generously compensated model even in her forties. Turning into a model was in her predetermination in light of the fact that Vanesa started her vocation at age 10.

She demonstrated for a few brands during her young life and became famous in the business during her teenagers. At 17, Vanesa left Spain and went to Paris to propel her displaying profession.

In a matter of moments, she was going for Pepe Pants in London, after which high design brands started moving toward her. Her flexibility to any climate and all around valued actual elements permitted her to flourish in the serious design industry. She Has A few Big Names Added to Her Repertoire Vanesa can pull off any look, from provocative to guiltless.

Regardless of where she went, Vanesa got back to Spain to meet her loved ones. Throughout the long term, Vanesa worked for a few costly brands like Ralph Lauren, Escada, Pepe Pants, L’oreal, Giorgio Armani, Pantene, Victoria’s Confidential, Christian Dior, Yves Holy person Laurent, and so on. Her demonstrating portfolio is great and a jealousy of many yearning models. She has showed up on the fronts of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Neo, Self Vogue, Amica, Lady, Elle, Fortunate, and some more.

Vanesa additionally featured in popular films like Entreacte (1989), Firecrackers (1997), and El topo y el hada (1998).

Since she is a particularly effective lady, her total assets is $2 million. She has buckled down for her profession and fabricated a superb life.

Her commitment to her life is a motivation for some individuals around the world. It isn’t not difficult to flourish in an industry like style since it is exceptionally aggressive.

She Raises Her Voice With perfect timing Vanesa has an Instagram account where she posts a few pictures of herself. Other than Instagram, you can likewise see her in certain meetings on YouTube. She knows and vocal about recent concerns and accepts individuals ought to hold hands together to settle them.

Vanesa is much both brains and good looks on the front of a style magazine.

They have two lovely girls, Manuela and Maria. Vanesa invests a ton of energy with her girls and pets. She brings a ton of adoration to the table to the world.

Vanesa isn’t leaving the displaying business at any point in the near future, and her ubiquity will just ascent with time. Their relationship is sans show and all around flawless in all perspectives.

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