Who Is Trea Swindle From Chapel Hart In AGT 2022? Facts To Know About The AGT’s Finalist

Trea Swindle from Chapel Hart in AGT 2022 is a singer, songwriter, and now an American Got Talent finalist. Swindle hails from Mississippi; her hometown is Poplarville, where she grew up as a teenager. Poplarville is her hometown. Trea, Danice, and Devynn Hart are among 108 cousins from 17 children of their grandparents.

Trea and Her Band, Chapel Hart, Wowed The AGT Judges

A month ago, Trea, along with her two cousins, wowed the judges while whole attendees stood up and vouched for her golden buzzer. Their energy, songwriting, and music were magical for the judges and audiences to witness. They became AGT’s sensation as they received a ‘Golden Buzzer’ from all four judges and the host, Tery Crews.

‘You Can Have Him, Jolene’, Received A Golden Buzzer

Trea Swindle was in complete disbelief and tears when the judges pressed the golden buzzer. She calls herself a rebel, and when Simon Cowell asked the band, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years time?’, Swindle didn’t hesitate and immediately gave her answer, “World Domination”.

The popular country girl band sang their original song, ‘You can have him, Jolene!’ in the 2022 American Got Talent audition last month. Their energetic performance received admiration and a standing ovation from the judging panel and audiences who requested Golden Buzzer.

As a result, Trea Swindle and her cousins were fast-tracked to the final for the live performance. The AGT final is all to air on September 13, and all eyes are rooting for these Poplarville natives who captured millions of hearts singing their original song, “You can have him, Jolene”.

Trea Swindle Is Travelling Across The Country With Her Band

Well, she was not kidding. The Chapel Hart team is travelling to many places across the United States to showcase their incredible performances. In September alone, Chapel Hart is attending four concerts in Arizona, Los Angeles, Tennessee, and Virginia. On Saturday, September 17, the Poplarville natives are debuting at the Grand Ole’ Opry.

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