Who Is Tatiyanna Johnson From NYC? Three Women Arrested For Vandalizing Bel Fries And Assaulting Victoria Baez

On the Internet, Tatiyanna Johnson’s name has come up as one of the people who attacked Bel Fries. As the video spreads across the Internet, all of the suspects are caught.

The acts are making people very angry. The charges they face are talked about, as are Twitter’s points of view. Aside from that, the police haven’t said much about Tatiyanna Johnson and the other two women.

Three Women Arrested For Vandalizing Bel Fries

Three Women Arrested For Vandalizing Bel Fries

Who Is Tatiyanna Johnson From NYC?

Tatiyanna Johnson is one of three women who broke into a Bel-fries store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The video of the 23-year-old attacking and destroying the company’s storefront is going viral all over the internet.

The three people broke into the restaurant for $1.75. But Univision says they talked to the workers and found out that everything happened because they charged for an extra sauce.

Rafael Nunez, who works there and keeps track of everything, said, “The women wanted more sauce on their fries, but the staff told them it would cost $1.75, which made them angry.

They were seen throwing whatever they could get their hands on over the workers. They even went behind the counter and threw bottles and other things.

So, the workers were helpless and couldn’t do anything but record them beating each other up in front of so many people.

Bel Fries Assault Suspect Tatiyanna Johnson Arrested Along Two Others- Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia

Pearl Ozaria, 27, Chitara Plasencia, 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23, were identified as the people who beat up the Bel Fries workers and sent one of them to the hospital. When Univision 41 asked the New York Police Department about their arrest, they said it was true.

After three women did terrible things for just $1.75, the police arrested them. They had already left the store by the time the police showed up. But they could catch up with the attackers and put them in jail.

One of the employees, Victoria Baez, who was also the victim, explained what happened by saying that tequila and hot sauce were thrown in her face. The chef of the place also said that people there thought this was funny. Instead of stopping them, they were seen screaming at them and filming them on their phones.

Reddit: What Are The Charges They Are Apprehended For? Are They Still In Custody?

The attackers could be charged with more than one thing. As people on the internet talk about what they did, their videos go viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Longjumping Plum 964, a Reddit user, is very interested and has written that in addition to criminal charges, there is also a civil liability, which is a lower conviction standard.

Since one of the employees is in the hospital with a head injury and the company will pay for it, it could take years for the other employees to get over the mental trauma they are going through.

Also, one of the Twitter users said that they are already out of police custody, which must be scary for the people who were hurt.

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