Who Is St. Cloud’s Yunis Isaac Mejia? Arrest of a Man and FBI Involvement

Who Is St. Cloud’s Yunis Isaac Mejia? Arrest of a Man and FBI Involvement

Yunis Isaac Mejia

Yunis Isaac Mejia

Former Bonham, Texas, police department 911 operator Yunis Isaac Mejia. He was detained in March 2021 for having an unlawful firearm.

On the internet, there are discussions going on about Yunis Isaac Mejia’s arrest. Some believe that despite having committed a crime, he did not merit 21 months in prison. It was excessive for the crime for which he had been found guilty.

Some contend that when he used his Scorpion to install the aftermarket stock, it constituted a victimless act and was therefore a felony. If broken down, it was not a crime, nevertheless.

Who Is St. Cloud’s Yunis Isaac Mejia?

Previously working as a police dispatcher, Yunis Isaac Mejia. He spent several years operating the 911 system for the Bonham, Texas Police Department.

He was characterised as a decent man with a big smile by Mike Bankston, the Bonham police chief. He got along well with others and never voiced any complaints.

He also possessed a pilot’s license. One day, he pictured himself working for a commercial airline. However, his fantasy was cut short when an informant, also known as a “Confidential Human Source” or CHS by the FBI, showed up at his home, according to Ammoland.

In addition, CHS, the informant, received no payment. They were instead collaborating with the FBI to avoid being accused of a crime by ICE. Before becoming a CHS, the CHS was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in or around June 2020 on suspicion of being an undocumented nonimmigrant student who skipped class.

To clear their names of the accusations, they went up to Yunis and provided the FBI with information on him and how he had altered the weapon while omitting to register it.

Man Arrested for Firearm Possession Did Yunis Isaac Mejia exist?

Yunis Isaac Mejia unlawfully modified a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 handgun with a barrel shorter than 16 inches by adding an aftermarket shoulder stock. He was therefore detained for unlawfully possessing a gun.

The complaint claims that by making this modification, he illegally converted the handgun into a short-barreled rifle. However, the federal National Guns Act requires the registration and stamping of short-barreled firearms.

He was therefore taken into custody on March 23, 2021, and released under pretrial supervision three months later.

Yunis Issac Mejia received a sentence and a 21-month prison term.

The FBI employs Special Agent Erika D. Shaw. She is to blame for Mejia’s situation, his arrest, and ultimately his imprisonment. In 2021, he was detained for having unregistered guns.

But three months later, he was granted pretrial release under supervision. He obtained his driver’s licence at that time and employed as a truck driver. However, the court just gave him a 21-month prison term that will begin on July 5, 2022.

He had entered a guilty plea because he wanted to accept responsibility for the act, but he probably had no idea that doing so would cost him nearly two years of his life.

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