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American vocalist and craftsman Amanda Hawkins sang the public song of praise at the Stanley Cup Finals 2022.

Amanda was born and brought up in Denver, Colorado. She began playing guitar and singing at 11 years old. She went to a music school in 2007. She has been performing on stages and composing and delivering tunes for her audience since she was a youngster.


After the lovely artist made that big appearance to sing the public hymn before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, watchers were in wonderment of her voice. There have been tweets about how great the public song of devotion vocalist was on the stage.

We should dig further into the existence of the skilled vocalist Amanda Hawkins.

Who is Singer and Artist Amanda Hawkins? Hawkins is a Denver-local vocalist, lyricist, and craftsman. In her expert vocation, she has sung melodies like ‘Paradise or Hell’, ‘Call You’, ‘Save My Soul’, ‘I Love You Already’, ‘The Way You Feel’, ‘Get back In Line, etc.

She answered toward the Westworld, “Music has been my life since I was eleven. It’s in my blood. It keeps me rational. It’s the manner by which I articulate my thoughts.”

Amanda has grown up loving artists from across the globe and it is reflected in her singing style. She took motivation from specialists like Lauryn Hill, Janis Joplin, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, and Crosby. She has sang R&B-style tunes when she was 15 years of age. She gradually floated towards hip-jump singing.

In December 2015, she chose to have some time off from music as she was pregnant. In 2017, she turned into all the rage when she sang Christmas tunes on amplifiers at Denver International Airport.

In 2019 she was honored with her subsequent girl and she was not seen on the stage. In the wake of enjoying some time off of almost eight years to bring up her two little girls, she got once again to the music business with her melody ‘Trust You’re There’.

Stanley Cup National Anthem The skilled artist surprised the audience by singing the public hymn for Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Crush, Colorado Mammoth, and Susan G. Establishment.

For the Stanley Cup Finals 2022 where Avalanche will be seen against Tampa Bay Lightning, Hawkins initiated the game by singing the current year’s public song of devotion on the side of the Avalanche.

Was Amanda Hawkins in American Idol? To seek after her melodic vocation, Amanda went to Los Angeles in 2006. While going to a music organization there in Los Angeles, she went to try out for the American Idol.

The vocalist took part as a contender in season 7 of the American Idol. She came to the top fifties prior to getting dispensed with. In spite of the fact that her tryout was not communicated on TV, she gave her tryout in San Diego and was sliced off prior to coming to the main 24.

The Colorado vocalist generally realize that it was her fantasy to be an artist and musician and she was not prepared to surrender without any problem. She moved back to Denver and began to perform in front of an audience and delivered her independent melodies.

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