Who Is She? Len Dawson, today’s football quarterback, and his first wife and children

Len Dawson, a quarterback who was enshrined in the Hall of Fame and led the Kansas City Chiefs to a stunning victory over the favoured Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV in 1970, passed away on August 24, 2022 at the age of 87. Dawson played the position for 19 seasons and was a Hall of Fame inductee.At Purdue, he had an outstanding sophomore season, topping the NCAA in pass efficiency while also playing defence and kicking for Purdue.

He spent the majority of his career as a quarterback in the National Football League and the American Football League, primarily with the Kansas City Chiefs franchise. He was a quarterback for 19 seasons. His passing has brought sadness to the hearts of his supporters and fans of football. Learn more about his wife and children by reading about them during this challenging time.

More Information about Len Dawson’s First Wife, Linda Louise

Len Dawson has been married to Linda Louise, his second wife. His first marriage was a woman named Jacqueline Puzder, more commonly referred to as Jackie. His high school love Jacqueline was the woman he eventually married in 1954, and the two of them remained together until she passed away in 1978.

Jacqueline Puzder, who was born in 1936 and died of a series of strokes when she was 42 years old, was Jen Dawson’s first wife. She was born in 1936. After the passing of his first wife, Len wed Linda Louise, who is now his present wife.

Jacqueline Puzder, who was Len Dawson’s ex-wife who passed away at the age of 42, is pictured with her ex-husband, Len Dawson.

In 1957, Dawson accepted a contract to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL), in addition to playing for the Cleveland Browns. Len departed the National Football League in 1962 to join with the Dallas Texans of the American Football League’s Chiefs. He played for the Dallas Texans for the final 14 seasons before returning to the NFL as a result of the merger between the AFL and the NFL.

Dawson coached the Texans/Cheifs to their first Super Bowl victory as well as three AFL championships. In addition to winning the Most Valuable Player award for Super Bowl IV, Dawson also won the award.

Information Regarding Linda Louise and Her Children

Although Len Dawson and his first wife welcomed two children into the world, he and his second wife, Louise, did not have any more children. Both of his children, Lisa Anne Dawson and Len Dawson Jr., are now adults. Lisa Anne is a daughter, and Len is a son. Specifically, Lisa and Len are supposedly well-known figures on the internet.

In 1991, a diagnosis of prostate cancer was made concerning Dawson. His family announced the news to the public on the 12th of August, 2022, that he had begun receiving hospice care. Dawson passed away on August 24, 2022, when he was 87 years old.

His family made the sad announcement that he had passed away in 1970. According to the statement that was provided following his passing, he was accompanied in death by his wife Linda. It is reported that he is a fantastic friend, brother, father, and spouse to his family. In a similar vein, he was perpetually appreciative and overawed by the innumerable connections he formed throughout his careers in football and broadcasting.

According to the announcement, Dawson had a deep affection for Kansas City and never failed to make the trip back regardless of where his career brought him. And to conclude, Linda expressed her appreciation to the extraordinary group of medical professionals as well as the support workers. Len took his final breath at the KU Medical Center.

Len Dawson: Family & Famous Cigarette Photograph

In total, there were 11 Dawson children, and Len Dawson was the ninth and seventh son. His paternal grandfather, James Dawson, hailed from Ohio, while his maternal grandmother, Annie Dawson, was a British import. Jen is a graduate of the Alliance High School in Alliance, which is located in Ohio.

In football, Jen Dawson was the most valuable player for his squad, and the International News Service named him the best Ohio back of the year. He was a record-setting athlete in both basketball and football while he was in school. He was the only player in the past 13 years to be selected to the first team all-state in both sports during the same season. He did this in both football and basketball.

The image of Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson puffing on a cigarette during halftime of the first Super Bowl will live on forever.

His incredibly famous cigarette photo is worth mentioning, and it was taken on January 15, 1967, at the halftime of the very first Super Bowl. Dawson was shot while he took a pull off of his cigarette while sitting on a simple folding chair during the halftime break.

Personal life and death

Dawson was the ninth of 11 children and the seventh son of a seventh son. In total, there were 11 children. From 1954 until the time of her passing in 1978, he was married to the person he had a crush on in high school. He is a father of two kids. He remarried Linda Dawson, and they remained together up until the time of his passing.

Dawson was given a diagnosis of prostate cancer in the year 1991.

Dawson’s family made the announcement on the 12th of August, 2022, that he had been admitted to the University of Kansas Medical Center for hospice care. He passed away on August 24, 2022, when he was 87 years old.

Linda Louise Early life and Education

After finishing her A-levels, Linda took a mime class taught by Desmond Jones, which sparked her interest in the performing arts: “Desmond was the one who convinced me to reevaluate my options and look into earning a degree in something other than the traditional field. After that, he continued by informing me about other specialised schools of which I would not have been aware to a great extent… After giving it a lot of thinking, I settled on having a conversation with my father about the prospect, and with his approval, I chose to pursue that course of action.” After completing his education, Duan immediately started trying out for other opportunities.

Linda Louise Career

Holly Gardner, Duan’s assistant director, reached out to her when she was in Israel to invite her to an audition for a top-secret project. As soon as she found out that it involved Marvel Studios, she promptly boarded a plane and returned to London to audition for the role. She eventually found out that it was Doctor Strange, at which point she started doing research on her character Tina Minoru. Despite the character’s limited appearance, Duan found the role to be energising; yet, she has the hope that it will open opportunities for other actresses: “I wish to serve as a positive example for younger Chinese girls as they develop into young women. Because I was raised with Barbie dolls that had blonde hair and blue eyes, that is the image of beauty that I have in my head. This is because that is what I was exposed to as a child… I hope there are more characters like Mulan
in the future.”


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Doctor Strange Tina Minoru Cameo appearance
2017 The Breadwinner End credits music video producer
2017 Journey’s End Behind the scenes
2018 Beautified Alice Short film
2018 Bohemian Rhapsody Stunt performer
2018 Chopsticks!! Shu Short film
2019 10 Minutes For A Pound Grace Short film

Meet Len Dawson’s First Wife

Jacqueline Puzder was Len Dawson’s first wife

  • Full name: Jacqueline Puzder
  • Other Names: Jacqueline Dawson, Jackie Dawson, Jackie Snow
  • Date of birth: August 3, 1937
  • Died: 1978
  • Age: 41 years old (at time of death)
  • Place of Birth: Ohio, United States
  • Parents: John Puzder and Mary Ann Puzder
  • Husband: Len Dawson
  • Kids: Lisa Anne, Len Dawson Jr.

On August 3, 1937, in the state of Ohio, in the United States of America, Jacqueline Puzder was born to her parents, John Puzder and Mary Ann Puzder. Even though there isn’t a lot that is known about her youth, we do know that she went to Alliance High School, which is where she met the guy she would go on to marry.

In the course of their senior year of high school, Jacqueline Puzder and Len Dawson began a romantic relationship. Jacqueline was a year younger than Len. After a successful first date, the couple continued their courtship for an additional two years before getting married in 1954.

Both Jacqueline and Dawson were still children when they wed one another, but they went ahead and did it anyhow. Even more significantly, Dawson had not yet launched his professional career when they went through with their affair of walking down the aisle in private.

This union lasted for over twenty years, and during that time, it produced two children: Lisa Anne and Len Dawson Jr.

The unfortunate dissolution of their marriage took place in 1978, one year after she had suffered a stroke. Before her untimely death at the age of 41, Jacqueline lived through the years during which her husband achieved greatness, and she was able to enjoy those years with him.

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