Who Is She? Knowing The Political Commentator’s Facts

Victoria Defrancesco Soto is a political scientist, public policy authority, and critical analyst at NBC News and Telemundo. She also serves as dean of the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas.

Previously, Soto worked as the assistant dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She is the first Latina dean in a presidential institution. The expert was included in Diverse magazine’s ranking of the nation’s 12 best academics.

Victoria DiFrancisco Soto: who is she? Wikipedia’s biography

Political expert and commentator Victoria DiFrancisco Soto is well known. She began contributing to MSNBC in 2012, according to her biography on Wikipedia. He is currently the dean of Clinton College of Public Schools and is a native of Arkansas.

Focuses on political psychology, Latinos, civic engagement, immigration, and women. Soto began her career in 2007 as an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research.

Victoria graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Political Science and Latin America. She graduated from Duke University with a Ph.D. and Master of Arts in Political Science.

The analyst has also held positions at other prestigious organizations, including the University of Texas and Rutgers. On CNN, Fox, PBS, Univision, and NPR as well as on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, she has appeared as an on-air expert.

Meet the family of Victoria DiFrancisco Soto’s husband.

Victoria DiFrancesco Soto and her beloved husband Naftali Garcia are happily married. The couple have been together for more than ten years. They have four new children in their family recently.

Naftali, her husband, practices law in Texas. He works for McLane Company, Inc. As Vice President for Governmental Affairs. Not much has been revealed about Garcia except for this.

Henceforth, Soto is a native of Southern Arizona and speaks both English and Spanish. She is of American nationality and is of Italian, Jewish and Mexican descent. The 39-year-old woman, with her partner and children, resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Also called Victoria is her mother. She hails from the Mexican state of Sonora on the border with the United States. In addition to this, the political analyst has a younger sister, Terry. Terry is currently a Professor of Veterinary Medicine.

See Victoria Defrancesco Soto net worth as of 2022.

Victoria DiFrancisco Soto’s net worth is believed to be around $800,000. She has built herself a good reputation and fortune thanks to a wide range of knowledge and abilities.

She has worked across the United States over the 15 years of her career, including in Texas and Arkansas. She mainly earns money through her work in universities and from television networks.

She has no problems with money and has a luxurious life. You can follow her at @deanvmds on Instagram. On the photo-sharing site, she wasn’t very active; There are only six posts on her page.

Additionally, Soto has nearly 10,000 followers on the Twitter account @DrVMDS. She enjoys traveling to exotic places as well as teaching and politics. Victoria is a staunch supporter of the Arizona Basketball Club.

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