Who Is She? Bergmann, Jake Previously Married Fiance of Nikki Fried, Ex-Wife, and Net Worth

Aubree Bergmann: Who Is She? Bergmann, Jake Previously Married Fiance of Nikki Fried, Ex-Wife, and Net Worth

The most well-known association with Aubree Bergmann is as the ex-wife of Jake Bergmann, a well-known Florida-based marijuana businessman who was Nikki Fried’s fiancé.

In December 2019, Jake and Nikki announced their engagement; the two had already been dating. While the two were still dating, the businessman went to his beloved partner’s inauguration as well.

On December 13, 1977, Nikki was born in Miami, Florida. She is an American lawyer and politician. She has been the 12th Florida Commissioner of Agriculture since 2019. She earned her degree from the University of Florida and is a Democrat.

The American attorney has previously worked as a public defender, a business lawyer, and a foreclosure defense attorney. She has also been a well-known lobbyist for the marijuana business in Florida.

There aren’t many details available concerning Nikki’s fiance’s private life. His first marriage to Aubree ended in divorce in 2021. Who is Jake’s ex-wife, then? Although she is the subject of many speculations, here is what is known about her.

Aubree Bergmann

Aubree Bergmann

Jake Bergmann, please. Aubree Bergmann, ex-spouse

Jake Bergmann, the founder of a business that is one of Florida’s largest medical marijuana suppliers, was previously married to Aubree Bergmann.

The couple was married in August 2010, and after almost ten years of being together, they separated before filing for divorce in April 2019. In Fulton County, the former couple started divorce proceedings.

Jake and his ex-wife reached a divorce agreement in June 2021. The two were awarded a complete divorce in the case’s final ruling. A settlement agreement was made and submitted to Fulton County Superior Court.

The settlement’s exact details were not disclosed in public documents. According to reports, the parties agreed to an equitable distribution of all marital assets. Jake made the decision to assume personal or joint responsibility for whatever credit card debt he accrued.

Jake also pledged to protect Aubree from creditors who would try to collect debts from her by placing liens on any property the two of them ever shared. Aubree concurred with the same terms. The couple also agreed on a plan for child support and custody.

What Is Aubree Bergmann’s Net Worth?

Aubree Bergmann has kept her financial information private, including her salary and net worth.

She is only known as the ex-wife of well-known marijuana businessman Jake Bergmann; little else is known about her. She has a low-key life and prefers to keep her private affairs out of the public eye.

Both Aubree and her ex-husband agreed that all of their marital assets should be shared equally. Jake is the leading provider of medicinal marijuana in the state, and as a result of his business, he has a staggering net worth.

After Nikki Fried announced on June 1, 2021, that she was running for governor of Florida in the 2022 election, their marriage came to an end. The politician is up against Florida’s former governor and U.S. congressman Charlie Crist.

Nikki Fried’s Partner Investigating Jake Bergmann’s Personal Life

In August 2010, Jake Bergmann married Aubree Bergamann, and they split up over ten years later.

Despite the fact that the two had already been separated, the divorce proceedings in Fulton County began in April 2019. June 2021 saw the conclusion of Jake and Aubree’s divorce proceedings.

Aubree Bergmann And Jake Bergmann Children

Jake Bergmann and Aubre Bergmann have three sons together, although the businessman hasn’t talked much about them.

The former couple decided on child custody and a child support schedule after divorcing. Jake and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried had a verbal argument in a Fort Lauderdale hotel in June 2020.

A automobile accident that happened in the hotel’s parking lot was the cause of the argument. Although Nikki disputes the claim that Bergamann shoved the lawmaker, the security officer who saw the incident claims Bergamann tossed a trash can.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department escorted the businessman from the property and officially reported the incident; no one was detained. Following the incident, Nikki denied physical abuse and fired numerous high-ranking employees who had challenged him.

Jake and Nikki don’t have kids, and their wedding date hasn’t been made public.

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