Who Is Rosie Gilgun? Facts To Know About Joseph Gilgun Sister


Rosie Gilgun photographed by her mother, Judith. ( Source : Instagram )

Joseph Gilgun is a renowned English actor best known for his roles of Vinnie O’Neill in Brassic and he has a sister named Rosie Gilgun.

Gilgun has been in the entertainment industry for a long time now. He has been a part of many notable projects throughout his careers such as Brassic, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and many more.

He has a huge fanbase worldwide and fans are often curious about the actor’s personal life. Currently, fans want to know more about his sister, Rosie Gilgun. And here is what we know about her.

Quick Facts

Full Name Rosie Gilgun
Age In her twenties
Nationality American
Siblings Joe Gilgun, Jennie Gilgun
Mother’s name Judith Gilgun
Father’s name Andrew Gilgun

\Who Is Joseph Gilgun Sister Rosie Gilgun?

Rosie is the youngest sister of Joe Gilgun. Judging from Rosie’s appearance, she should be somewhere in her late twenties. Her brother, Joe is currently 38 years old.

The siblings are close to one another and Rosie is very proud of what Joe has accomplished throughout his life. She is his biggest fan and they often spend time together.

Rosie was born in Chorley, Lancashire along with her siblings. Gilgun has been in the entertainment industry since 1994 till today. He always wanted to become an actor growing up and his siblings were supportive of his career.

The Gilgun family is very closely knitted together. They are always in touch with one another and often spend time together during festivals and holidays. 

Who Are Rosie Gilgun Family Members?

Rosie was born to her parents, Judith and Andrew Gilgun in Chorley, Lancashire. She then grew up in Rivington, Lancashire as a part of a working-class family with her two siblings, Joe Gilgun and Jennie Gilgun.

She is the youngest among her siblings but she is also close to her siblings. While her brother, Joe is a renowned celebrity, Rosie likes to keep her personal life to herself.

Gilgun is not very active on social media platforms and other platforms. She also does not appear in the media like her brother and she likes to maintain privacy.

Her mother, Judith often shares pictures of Rosie on her Instagram account. Judith is also very fond of gardening and she loves to take pictures of nature.

5 Facts About Rosie Gilgun

  1. Rosie Gilgun was born in Chorley, Lancashire and she grew up in Rivington, Lancashire.
  2. Gilgun was born to her parents, Judith and Andrew Gilgun.
  3. Rosie has two siblings, and they are Joe and Jennie Judith. 
  4. She is the youngest in her family and she is around the age of her late twenties. 
  5. Rosie is not active on social media platforms.

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