Who Is New York Times Sam Ezersky? Facts About the Journalist You Didn’t Know

Who Is New York Times Sam Ezersky? Facts About the Journalist You Didn’t Know

Sam Ezersky, the assistant editor for puzzles at the New York Times, has always been passionate in solving riddles.

Sam Ezersky was six years old when he came upon a simple word search while flipping through a magazine. The way the words fitted together captivated him, and he looked for additional puzzles.

His curiosity was encouraged by his mother and stepfather. He soon began observing them from behind their backs and providing advice when they overcame difficulties. Let’s investigate him more.

Sam Ezersky

Sam Ezersky

Who Is New York Times Sam Ezersky?

At the age of 26, Sam Ezersky. His actual birth date is uncertain, though. His age was given as 24 in a 2020 article that was written on him. As a result, we forecast that he may be running at the age of 26.

When Ezersky was 14 years old, he started sending puzzles to Shortz, who often rejected them but encouraged him to keep trying. And Ezersky did. Sam sold his first puzzle at the age of 16 to the Los Angeles Times, and at the age of 17, with the help of another puzzler, he sold a puzzle to Shortz.

A crossword puzzle book produced by Will Shortz, the longstanding New York Times crossword editor, piqued his curiosity. He thought of himself as a potential riddle maker in addition to a riddle solver. Ezersky claimed that it represented a turning point in his life. He lives in Jersey City.

Shortz, Ezersky’s hero, gave the graduating speech a few years later, during his third year at the University of Virginia.

However, solving puzzles is not solely a solitary hobby. Two of Ezersky and Shortz’s favorite aspects of the craft are the neighborhood and the people they meet along the route. They first ran into each other at a competition.

The year after graduation, Ezersky worked as a winter break intern for Shortz before starting his position as an associate puzzle editor for the Times.

How much money does Sam Ezersky make?

The evaluation of Sam Ezersky’s net worth is ongoing. He must, however, have made a respectable sum of money from selling his riddles.

According to comparable reports, the average US crossword puzzle creator makes $69,114 a year. The average bonus for a crossword puzzle creator is $1,830, or 3% of their yearly salary, and all respondents (100%) said they receive bonuses each year.

In San Francisco, the average total remuneration for crossword puzzle creators is $85,637, which is 24% more than the US average. Sam might make between the aforementioned range and more.

When a puzzle is being prepared for publication, the complexity is matched to the day of the week, with Monday being the easiest and Saturday being the most difficult. The words in the grid are infrequently changed by the editors, who usually change about 50% of the clues—not the toughest day of the week, but the most significant.

Ezersky continues to give the Times his crosswords on occasion. He comes up with a theme and the answers that make up the grid when he makes a puzzle. He then arranges the black squares and fills in the remaining words in the grid. Finally, there are hints.

Does Sam Ezersky Have a Wife?

Sam Ezersky has made the decision to keep his personal affairs private. There is no information about his marital status, including whether he is wed, divorced, or dating someone.

On Twitter, he posted pictures of a group of doughnuts in 2021 and captioned them, “Mine in purple, my girlfriend’s in blue… many more have been demolished since!” This could mean that he has a significant someone in his life. However, he has chosen to conceal her identity.

Ezersky solves puzzles from other magazines when he has the time. He participated in the timed American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, Connecticut, for a number of years. He placed first among racers under 25 and 28th overall in 2016.

In addition to enjoying watching sports in bars with young people and taking walks around Hoboken’s bay when he’s not working on puzzles, Ezersky also likes to write crossword puzzles.

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