Who Is Linda Opdycke? Multimillionaire Wally Opdycke Daughter And Mark Stover Murder Case Details

There is a lot of curiosity over whether Wally Opdycke’s wealthy daughter Linda Opdycke has a Wikipedia page or not. Check it out below.

Before getting married, Opdyke and Mark Stover dated for eleven years. But because they fought a lot, their marriage did not work out.

Famous dog trainer Mark Stover had clients that included Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, and Ichiro Suzuki, the outfielder for the Mariners who got divorced from Opdycke in 2005.

Linda claimed that Mark was constantly thinking about money, quickly upset, and assaulted people with firearms (he collected firearms).

Mark Stover Murder Case Details

Mark Stover Murder Case Details

Who Is Linda Opdycke? Wikipedia Details

The Wikipedia entry for Linda Opdycke has no information. Large news websites, however, like CBS featured her and provided a detailed biography.

Obdycke hailed from a wealthy family. Wally Opdycke, her multimillionaire father, formerly owned the K2 Ski Corporation and the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

Linda and Mark Strover wed after eleven years of dating. However, Mark’s issues with anger management made it difficult to keep his marriage together. They consequently divorced in 2005.

She left and gave Mark control of everything. After the divorce, he started pursuing Opdycke, which led to a stalking conviction in 2008. At the time, Lind and Michiel Oakes were dating.

Michiel was sentenced to 26 years in jail after being found responsible for the first-degree murder of Mark Stover. In court, he claimed that he had to squeeze the trigger in order to defend both himself and his companion.

Mark Stover Death: Insights On His Murder Case

Since Stover was well-known among musicians like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana, the 2009 case has drawn a lot of interest. But there was a lot of uncertainty around the case, so much so that his body was never found.

The murderer, 42-year-old Oakes, admitted guilt during his trial but insisted that he acted in self-defense.

He didn’t persuade the judge, and it turned out that the jury didn’t either. Having been found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, Oakes was sentenced to 26 1/2 years in prison.

It became apparent as the unusual case progressed that Oakes killed Stover as a result of an agonizing protracted love affair. Linda Opdycke, Stover’s ex-wife, held the solution to this riddle. Oakes started dating Linda after her turbulent divorce from Mark.

According to sources, Mark Stover handled the divorce poorly and acted inappropriately against his ex-wife.

After Linda claimed that Mark had previously displayed obsessive behavior, the dog trainer allegedly stalked and tormented her for a considerable amount of time. Stover has also been placed in jail for stalking and given a year of probation.

Find Linda Opdycke Age

Linda Opdycke appeared to be in her mid-forties. Her precise age and date of birth haven’t been made public, though.

Opdycke completed her secondary education and received a degree from the famous University thanks to her late father’s enormous wealth.

She sued Stover’s family in 2009, claiming she never received the money Stover had shipped to her and placed in his home before he was slain.

Despite this, the state rejected her request, arguing it was made too late because he had passed away four years prior.

Linda Opdycke Net Worth In 2022

Lind Opdycke has a $3 million net worth as of 2022. She hasn’t revealed to the media where she receives her money, though.

Her multimillionaire father, Wally Opdycke, is apparently the source of her professional earnings and declared net worth.

Linda Opdycke currently lives in freedom in the US. In the murder case involving her ex-husband Mark Strover, she wasn’t put on trial.

Her partner, Michiel Oakes, was found guilty and sentenced to 26.6 years in prison.

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