Who Is Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk’s Wife? Family And Children Of A Golfer Details

Who Is Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk’s Wife? Family And Children Of A Golfer Details

Adam Schenk Wife

Adam Schenk Wife

The couple to aspire to is Adam Schenk and his wife Kourtney Schenk. But do they have a marriage?

American professional golfer Adam Schenk has been married to his wife for a very long time. Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk’s business partner, has extensive knowledge with digital advertising.

Adam, an American, started competing professionally in 2015. That same year, he was able to compete on the PGA Tour Latin America. Additionally, he has won two matches in his professional career.

Meet Kourtney Schenk, wife of golfer Adam Schenk Using Instagram

Kourtney Schenk, Adam Schenk’s longtime girlfriend and new wife, got married in their hometown in December 2020.

Despite having 1,038 posts and 884 followers on Instagram, Kourtney Schenk’s Instagram ID appears to be private.

Kourtney, his wife, has been employed with the Tesori Family Foundation since 2018 and holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports communication from Indiana University Bloomington.

Kourtney interned with Red Frogs Events as an event coordinator from August 2012 to January 2013. Before returning to work as an Account Executive in March 2013, she took a two-month hiatus. She later worked as a media campaign manager at LinkedIn from 2015 to 2018 before joining her husband, Adam, and the PGA TOUR full-time.

As a Digital Advertising Campaign Specialist, she has also worked with FoodNetwork.com, CookingChannelTV.com, Food.com, HGTV.com, and numerous more websites. Since January 2021, she has been on the board of directors and as a member of the Tesori Family Foundation.

Details of Adam and Kourtney Schenk’s marriage

Professional golfer Adam Schenk has been married to his soulmate Kourtney Schenk since December 8, 2020.

The couple has been devoted to one another from the beginning. Speaking about his relationship with Kourtney, he disclosed that they were dating for over ten years prior to being married.

He also sent his wife a heartfelt message on Instagram to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. They have been together for two years after getting married.

Adam is a frequent social media user who routinely posts images of his fiancée captured when she’s on the road. According to Adam’s profile, their first photo was submitted in December 2015. They’ve been married for more than two years, but they don’t yet have a child.

Who Play Golf? Parents of Adam

Adam, a golfer, hasn’t revealed anything about his parents to the public. He has chosen to keep his information private and not make it available to the general public.

He also follows Christianity as his religion. In a similar vein, he comes from a mixed ethical background. Golf was a popular sport in the home where Adam Schenk was reared. He also grew up watching his father, grandfather, and uncle play golf at the Country Club of Old Vincennes.

He afterwards had a suitable-sized sand wedge built for him by his parents, where he frequently played sports. When he wasn’t playing baseball or basketball, he practiced golf in his spare time.

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