Who Is Johnathan Lee Whitlatch From Iowa? Ames Church Shooter Identified, Age and Ethnicity

The gunman suspected of killing two people outside Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa, has been named Jonathan Lee Whitlatch.

During a domestic incident in Iowa, a shooter killed his ex-girlfriend and her companion before turning the gun on himself, according to authorities.

Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald said Jonathan Lee Whitlatch, 33, Eden Mariah Montang, 22, and Vivian Renee Flores, 21, were fatally shot in the parking lot of Cornerstone Church of Armes, near Des Moines.

Following a disagreement with Montang, he shot them with a 9mm handgun, according to the local sheriff at a news conference on Friday.

Jonathan Lee Whitlatch From Iowa: Ames Church Shooter

As a spirit of vengeance, Jonathan Lee Whitlatch from Iowa was recognized as the gunman who killed his ex-girlfriend, Montang. Whitlatch had been pestering his ex-girlfriend after they had recently broken up.

He’d only been charged with domestic violence and impersonating a public authority on Tuesday. According to authorities, both of these accusations, as well as the restraining order, were tied to Montang.

Reportedly, Fitzgerald went on to say that he had posted bond and will be in court on June 10.

Furthermore, Montang and Flores were both students at Iowa State University and were attending a bible study at Cornerstone Church in Ames.

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A Look At Jonathan Lee Whitlatch’s Age and Ethnicity 

Jonathan Lee Whitlatch is reported to be 33 years of age. That suggests he was born in 1988 or around that year.

Furthermore, there was an 11-year age gap between Montang and Whitlatch, as Eden was only 22 years old when she was fatally murdered.

Aside from that, no reliable information on Whitlatch’s ethnicity or family history has been revealed as of this writing.

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More On Shooter Jonathan Lee Whitlatch 

Following the incident, authorities searched Whitlatch’s home and discovered 9mm handgun ammunition as well as an AR-15 unconnected to the shooting.

Similarly, it was a program that brought together Iowa State students and high school kids, and it was something that both of them were encouraged to participate in.

Likewise, Fitzgerald suggested that the incident may have been much worse because there were 80 individuals in attendance.

Cornerstone Church issued a statement stating that the ladies slain were “young members of our community,” but declined to provide any other information on the victims or gunman, citing the current police investigation.

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