Who Is JayLee Neubaum? Mapleton Man Sentenced For Murdering Joseph Hopkins- Obituary

Gayle Neubaum, a resident of Mapleton, and his family are the defendants in the lawsuit brought by the family of the late Joseph Hopkin. Hopkins’ killer, Jay Neubaum, was determined to be found guilty.

According to the lawsuit, Jay Lee Newbaum, mother Crystal Leah Hopkins, 16-year-old brother, and sister Destiny Rowling are being sued for negligence and loss of the union, along with his father, Aaron Newbaum, grandmother Deborah Jean Neubaum, and Jay Lee Newbaum.

In Deborah Neubaum’s garage on January 31, 2020, Jay Neubaum, Joseph Hopkins, and Jaxon Hopkins were fiddling with guns and fixing a Derby car while sharing Snapchat photos.

Joseph Hopkins was murdered by the careless Guy Newbam of Venice. Aaron Neubaum’s negligence in allowing his child access to a loaded and open rifle while he was in a position to control his son’s behavior directly contributed to the death of Joseph Hopkins.

Furthermore, Deborah Neubaum, the owner of the property where the accident occurred, was irresponsible in giving her grandson access to the gun. Joseph Hopkins’ death caused his family pain, and they will continue to suffer because of his loss.

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