Who Is He? Update on the Z’Yon Murder Case

Rapper Antonio Davenport: Who Is He? Update on the Z’Yon Murder Case

Antonio Davenport

Antonio Davenport

After a drive-by shooting in Durham nearly three years ago, a federal jury found North Carolina rapper Antonio Davenport Jr. guilty of murder in the 9-year-old Z’Yon Person’s death. The North Carolina rapper goes under the stage moniker “Lil Tony.”

Murder and racketeering are among the charges against the rapper. As the jury’s members entered, Davenport remained seated in the jury box, staring at it together with his attorneys. The jury found the rapper guilty after eight hours of discussion over the course of two days.

Rapper Antonio Davenport: Who Is He?

The 83 infants’ rapper Antonio Davenport is a well-known figure in hip-hop. The well-known band had produced a number of songs on gang violence and weapons and made a music video on the topic.

He had recently agreed to tour with the band 83 infants as Lil Tony, a rising rapper, when he was charged with the murder of Z’yon Person, 9, almost three years earlier.

In August 2019, a tragic incident in Durham turned many lives on their heads. Police claim that Z’yon was shot while traveling in a car with his aunt Danyell Ragland, his cousins, and his sisters to acquire snow cones.

Update on the Z’Yon Murder Case: What Happened?

On Thursday, a jury concluded that wannabe rapper Antonio Davenport from North Carolina had killed 9-year-old Z’Yon Person. He was accused of racketeering, murder, and both federal murder and firearms crimes.

The charges carry a maximum punishment of two life terms and an additional 10 years or more. After the verdict was announced, the NC rapper begged to leave the courtroom and was shortly led out in chains.

Antonio testified that he did not shoot at the SUV that Z’Yon, his aunt, his sisters, and his cousins were traveling in on August 18, 2019. Additionally, Z’Yon’s 8-year-old cousin received an arm injury.

Z’Yon attended Penny Road Elementary School in Cary and was in the fourth grade. He was traveling with his aunt and other kids to fetch snow cones when he was shot in the forehead. The next morning, the young youngster passed away.

Where is rapper Antonio Davenport now after receiving a jail sentence?

Antonio Davenport is currently on trial on federal counts of murder, racketeering, and gun possession. If found guilty, he may receive two life terms and an extra 10 years or more in prison. The North Carolina rapper is currently in police custody.

He was found guilty of murdering Z’Yon Person on August 18, 2019, in Durham with the intent to advance in the Eight Trey Gangster Crips gang, which has its headquarters in Braggtown. Antonio, who was in the driver’s seat of the car where shots were fired, has repeatedly denied any involvement in the shooting.

Rapper Antonio Davenport’s Family and Wife’s Age

Antonio Davenport is currently 27 years old. When the verdict was announced in court, his mother was also present. As the jury members returned and heard the verdict, she was trembling in her seat.

Outside the courts, the mother of the rapper hugged both of her son’s legal representatives. All three, however, declined to comment on the verdict. The U.S. Attorney’s office’s prosecutors likewise declined to comment.

Despite not being married, Davenport has a girlfriend named Rhonni Lyons and a child together. She described how she read about the incident in the media the following day and was concerned that her boyfriend might be the perpetrator.

Antonio Davenport is a rapper. Antonio Davenport, a promising rapper in 2022, must have made a respectable income from his work. The rapper hasn’t yet disclosed how much money he makes or how much money he is worth.

Davenport learnt about gangs while attending Durham Public Schools as a child. When the rapper was a ninth-grader at Hillside High School, he soon started dealing and using narcotics. Then, in an effort to obtain acceptance among girls and safety, he developed an interest in gang culture.

When Antonio was 21 years old, he initially joined the Eight Tray (83) Hoover Crips and was then imprisoned at the Durham Correctional Center on allegations of domestic abuse.

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