Who Is He? Former ESPN contributor Where is He Employed Now?

Steve Kim: Who Is He? Former ESPN contributor Where is He Employed Now?

Steve Kim

Steve Kim

For his commentary and viewpoints prior to important pay-per-view boxing events, Steve Kim is well-known.

He eventually found work as a boxing commentator and self-appointed boxing journalist because to his fascination with the sport and his radio background.

He is well-known for his unflinching devotion to the fans and is a sought-after specialist who is tolerated and appreciated by the boxing establishment.

Steve Kim: Who Is He?

Former sportswriter at ESPN, Steve Kim. He presided over “the Main Event” on KIEV 870 and afterwards XTRA AM1150 from 1996 until 1999. (a three-hour boxing show).

He signed up for one of the earliest boxing websites, “House of Boxing,” in 1999. Later, he co-founded Maxboxing, which launched in 2001 and ran until he left in 2014.

From 2014 until 2018, he served as the primary columnist for UCNlive.com. He served as an ESPN.com boxing reporter from 2018 until 2020.

In addition, he co-hosted “the 3 Knockdown Rule,” one of the most well-known boxing podcasts in recent years.

As an announcer and analyst, Steve has further worked for RingTV, Thompson Boxing, 360 Promotions, and CBS Sports Network.

Age and Wikipedia for Steve Kim

Steve Kim appears to be in his mid-40s. In the 1980s, he grew up in Montebello, a largely Mexican-American suburb of Los Angeles, as a first-generation Korean-American.

He did not fit the developing stereotype of an overachieving, academically stressed child during his boyhood, according to his memories. He claims that he is not your typical Asian student with a 4.0 GPA and that he hasn’t taken 100 SATs.

He only liked playing sports and believes that reading illuminates ideas more than studying textbooks. Since he was young, he had wanted to be a sports reporter, but his average grades made that seem all but impossible.

Additionally, Kim dropped out rather than completing his degree because he and his working-class parents were unable to continue paying the relatively modest tuition at Cal State L.A.
In addition, he lacked employable skills and was destined for a life of industrial work.

Steve Kim, a sports writer, is married?

There is no information available regarding Steve Kim’s wife. Even we are unaware of his marital status or the existence of any other relationships.

Steve Kim utilizes social media extensively. His Instagram handle is @steveoralekim, and it has about 10.2k followers. He also has a Twitter account with the handle @SteveKim323, which has about 53.7k followers.

Despite being extremely well-liked on social media, he lacks a Wikipedia page and any information about his personal life.

Additionally, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his wife, and perhaps he wants to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

He comes across as being very private.

How Much Will Steve Kim Be Worth In 2022?

At the moment, Steve Kim is the host of the @3knowndownrule program on Triller TV, and his fans are content with it. He invites people from the boxing rings and converses with them during this presentation.

We may assume that Steve will have a yearly net worth of approximately $1 million in 2022. The number is not, however, exact.

An ESPN technical writer is reportedly paid an average of $86,140 per year. At ESPN, the average pay for technical writers is $1,192 more than the national average.

However, he is currently acquiring a lot of reputation and money from hosting a Youtube channel, which may be enough for him.

He claims that getting a job sorting and loading parts at Aramark and Toyota was a stroke of luck. He claims that although working was challenging, the salary was just.

When he grew engrossed in late-night sports radio at work, notably KMAX’s cultish The Sports God with Dave Smith and Joey Haim, he discovered he had talent after all. He had interesting things to say and was unable to stop talking about sports.

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