Who Is Goagoafric On Tiktok? User Banned Over Guidelines Breach- What Did He Do? | Read

Recently, the TikTok handle, Goagoafric, has caused confusion for the theater and its customers due to its content.

Hence, the video sharing stage went into a frenzy when client recordings reached the bulk of the For You pages.


TikTok is the focal point of modern fashion, making it one of the best entertainment stages on the web today.

Anyway, the new turmoil is about the news of the new Goagoafric County.

Who is Goagoafric on Tiktok? Goagoafric has been a TikTok handle that has its following records in the thousands due to its attractive content.

Hence, he has developed into a big TikTok handle in a short time frame since his recordings became popular online across the planet.

The handle mostly publishes recordings about African ancestral women and their lifestyles. Without a doubt, Goagoafric had quite a few unique recordings to post on TikTok.

TikTok customers have gained some amount of knowledge in the usual daily existence of these ancestral ladies and their lives far from human progress nowadays.

However, Goagoafric infuriated a greater part of his observers when the handle hit more supporters. Before her boycott, she had more than 11 thousand followers and 76 thousand favorites on her recordings.

How was Goagoafric banned for breach of directive? Goagoafric’s sexy recordings of African women set the rules for TikTok.

While presenting experiences in the lives of these ladies, the recordings additionally included exposure to the areas of their chests.

However, the public is widely aware that stripping and wearing African gemstones is a practice of African culture, yet they are concerned about accessing the recordings on a global scale.

As TikTok’s For You page targets customers all over the world, netizens were also concerned about the security of these African ladies and the ages of the audience.

After that, many TikTok customers showed their concern through the recordings and asked TikTok to deal with the circumstances.

Hence, Goagoafric has been restricted for breaching the rules of TikTok and can never post the recordings again.

Meanwhile, the relevant authority has also taken down the old profile registrations.

More about Goagoafric TikTok Real name and origin Goagoafric’s name on TikTok suggests his association with Africa. Despite this, the exact details of the unique maker and console of this TikTok handle have strayed from public information.

original sound

He was constantly transmitting recordings of African ladies in the traditional clothing of their ancestors.

As the TikTok customers in the feedback section disclose, TikTok initially did not find any violation as the ladies go about their lifestyle. However, it heated up when the recordings also included children.

Now that the famous record is finally over, many grumbled about the help.

However, another TikTok client, gogoafric, has been mixed up as a primary record due to its matching username. The angry customer swiped a message to stop rating it on his profile

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