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Joe Soares, a Brazilian comedian and moderator, passed away at the age of 84 on August 5, 2022.

He was hospitalized at Serio Lebanon Hospital, São Paulo, on July 28. According to The Globo, the Brazilian died at 2:30 a.m. at the medical clinic.


The host was also known for his mastery of being creative and a performer.

Soares was born on January 16, 1938 in Rio de Janeiro. He studied in Switzerland and the United States. Following the completion of his studies, jokester returned to Rio in 1958.

Who is Flavia Junquera? Jo Soares Ex-Wife is a Flávia Junqueira artist The ex-wife of Jô Soares is a visual fashion designer.

His ex-wife, Flavia Piedras Soares, used online entertainment to express her grief over the supervisor’s death, which she referred to as her “eternal love”. It is very likely that she was the first individual to announce the death of the legend.

“Joe Soares, artist, comedian, president, and essayist, disappeared just a short time ago. We are left under the care of the Sri Libanes Emergency Clinic in São Paulo. Only those close to the family and close ones will go to the memorial service,” Flavia stated.

In this way, she said, the people who have shared their characters during their 60-plus-year careers have reworked their expressions, smiled at the artist’s intense knowledge, celebrated, and made a trophy for your life.

Flavia added, “Having a man who is affectionate with the country in which he was born and chooses to live in, trying to make it a special place through humour.”

Finally, she ended her deep sympathy by saying, “My Bitiko, Acorn, Small, Pet, Crap, Fat, do you live forever. You are happy with everyone who was a part of your life.”

Flavia Jo Soares’ husband the cause of death – how did he die? Joe Soares died at the age of 84 at Serio Lebanon Hospital at 2:30 in the early part of the day.

According to reports, Jo revealed his clinical issues but declined to provide more. “It hurts so bad, walking is annoying. It starts signaling when I start to move. However, this is not something that needs an emergency unit. Often, the facilitator moves in a wheelchair to get away from the ordeal.

Similarly, Soares spoke about how he handled reports regarding his secret life. “I’m not up to it, and I’m exhausted. I don’t have virtual entertainment, including Twitter,” he replied.

The host realized there was more than one pressing problem (obsessive-compulsive disorder) through his memoirs. He generally ensures that his home artwork has to turn to one side.

Rafael Soares, Joe Soares’ child, has died at the age of 50 from brain disease. “I faced the opposite of the usual demand for things, the death of a child, which is every parent’s worst fear,” he said.

Before long, the creator moved from OMR 15 million, where he resided for some time, to an easier, more modest home. The host gave a home to his child, who was a wonderful partner.

Flavia Junqueira’s age and net worth, how rich is she? Flávia Junqueira has amassed a projected total of over $750,000 in assets. She acknowledges her vocation as the graphic creator of this fortune.

She has an MA in Visual Poetry from So Paulo University (USP), Ph.D. in Visual Arts from the Art Institute of the State University of Campinas, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Fundaço Armando Alvares Penteado.

She currently works with Sandra Cento and Albano Afonso at Atêlie Fidalgo.

According to The Unixgallery, the craftsman has participated in a few projects and presentations, including “Culture and Conflict,” IZOLYATSIA in Exile, Tokyo Palace, the World Bank Arts Program, Kaunas Photo Festival, and the independent show “Tomorrow I’m Born in the Future” at Cité Dés Arts, “Una Mirada Latino Americana” system by Photo Espaa Project, Time of Paço das Artes projects, Energias na Arte scholarship at Instituto

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