Who is Everleigh Rose’s Father? Is Tom Smith The Biological Father of Soutas?

Who is Everleigh Rose’s Father? Is Tom Smith The Biological Father of Soutas?

Everleigh Rose was brought into the world by her mother, Savannah LaBrant, and her father, Tommy Smith. Her mother, Savannah Soutas-LaBrant, and her stepfather, Cole LaBrant, are her constant companions in their home in California.

Tommy Smith is the man who is the biological father of Everleigh Rose. Everleigh is one of the most well-known child models in the industry. She is most recognized for her role as a star on Instagram and in the world of kid fashion.

She has amassed a significant amount of love and adoration across many social media platforms, particularly on Tiktok, where she has thousands of followers. She has amassed 5 million followers on Instagram, demonstrating her immense popularity.

Who Is Everleigh Rose’s Biological Father?

The company Inter-sky, which specializes in engineering and construction, is where Everleigh Rose’s father, Tommy Smith, is employed. He was born in the United States on March 5th, 1993.

Everleigh came into the world when both her mother Savannah and her father Tommy were only 19 years old. They ended their relationship not long after she was born.

Tommy is still quite involved in the upbringing of his daughter, and he routinely shares photographs on his Instagram page that feature the two of them together.

Even though her mother and her biological father are no longer together, Everleigh has frequent contact with her biological father. According to Everleigh’s mother, Savannah, the father and daughter get together once a week for a few hours to spend time together.

Everleigh Rose’s Biological Father Is Tommy Smith

It is common knowledge that Tommy Smit is Everleigh Rose’s biological father. Everleigh Rose is a well-known fashion blogger and a phenomenon on social media.

Her father, Tommy Smith, and her mother, Savannah LaBrant, gave birth to her, but shortly after the birth of Everleigh, they divorced and went their separate ways.

After her marriage to Tommy Smith came to an end, Savannah rekindled her love life and started seeing the musician Cole. In February of 2018, the couple were engaged after having dated for a total of only five months.

In addition, Everleigh and Cole, her stepfather, have a special relationship with one another. Cole said that he is thankful that God allowed him to meet Savannah and Everleigh because it was a work of God on his part. When they first encountered one another in 2016, Everleigh gave him a hug.

When Cole asked Everleigh to marry Savannah, he also bought her a ring so that he could ask her to become his daughter. After then, he gave the ring to Everleigh. Since then, they have not broken up, and both of them are quite excited about maintaining their relationship in the years to come.

The Relationship Between Everleigh Rose and Cole LaBrant

Everleigh Rose and her stepfather, Cole LaBrant, have a remarkable relationship. Cole is Everleigh Rose’s stepfather. On his Instagram account, Cole has shared a number of photographs of himself and Everleigh.

Information About Everleigh Rose

Some youngsters are naturally gifted, while others work hard to develop their skills over time. Everleigh Soutas is one of those people who unquestionably belong in the first group, as there is no other explanation for her success story other than the fact that she was born with it. Everleigh was born in December of 2012, and she began posing for photographs in October of 2013. Not only that, but ever since that time, she has been going strong with her picture shoots, projects, Instagram account, and TikTok account (which of course is managed by her mom). Because she has such a vibrant personality, and because she is so adorable and kind, she frequently gives off the impression that she is a child.

Everleigh has a close relationship with both her mother and her best friend and accomplice in crime, Ava Foley. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah Soutas, and Ava’s mother, Michelle Folley, have been close friends for a very long time, and they have both carried on this tradition of friendship to their daughters. The girls’ easygoing demeanor around one another undoubtedly stems from their exceptionally strong friendship, which undoubtedly contributes to their fantastic chemistry in front of the camera. They are utterly unable to spend any time apart from one another and take pleasure in the company of one another.

The 14th of December in 2012 was my previous birthday (Sagittarius)

Orange County, California, in the United States of America is where I was born.

Aiesys Mial, Brianna LaPaglia, and Aiesys Mial are all members of the same trio.

Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas is another name for her; here are some quick facts about her.

The age in years is 9

Soutas, Savannah, is the family matriarch.

Origin: The United States of America

State in the Union: California

The Rapid Ascent to Stardom Caused by a Meteor

Everleigh Soutas’s life has been at the pinnacle from the very beginning, in contrast to the majority of other famous people who have had to work their way up through the ranks. When she was only eight months old, she began modeling with her mother, and ever since then, her images have dominated the realm of virtual reality. Everleigh has been the focus of several photographs, the most of which have been taken with her best friend Ava Foley. She is the epitome of a fashionista and a kid who is both stylish and chic, and she has the ability to make any shot appear excellent from any camera.

It’s interesting to note that Everleigh enjoys dressing up and being fashionable, given how much her mother adores her daughter. She enjoys dressing up and taking care of her appearance. She is quite open and honest when she is being photographed, and she enjoys striking poses for the camera. Everleigh does not throw tantrums regarding any form of clothing, in contrast to other toddlers who do so when it comes to putting on and taking off their clothes. Amazingly, despite the fact that Everleigh is so young, she has been able to make a splash in the realm of virtual reality with her clicks and pictures.

She has been featured in Vogue Australia, as well as a commercial for Kardashian Kids, which she was a part of. @ForEverAndForAva is the name of her combined Instagram and TikTok account with Ava Foley. This account has more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram and more than one million admirers on TikTok.

What Is It About Everleigh Soutas That Makes Her So Remarkable?

Do we even need to respond to that question? How many youngsters under the age of three can walk or pose correctly, to say nothing of modeling? How many other people have the kind of screen presence that Everleigh possesses so effortlessly? And how many people can say that they a
re as much of a fashionista as she is? Not even a hand full, to be honest. Simply the fact that this model toddler’s existence consists of more than just a story about feces and pee is enough to set her apart from other children her age. You have to admit that some babies are far more blessed than the others, even if we believe that every child is unique and wonderful in their own small way. And it’s entirely possible that Everleigh belongs in the second category!

Beyond Fame

Everleigh’s photographer-cum-model mother, Savannah, who has been the rock solid foundation behind the tiny cutesy girl’s magical upbringing, may be officially attributed with much of Everleigh’s notoriety and recognition, which can be duly credited to her mother. When browsing through her images, one can have the impression that Everleigh is merely a celebrity model and a mega star, but very few people are aware that she is just as much of a toddler baby as any other child. She is a typical toddler in that she enjoys running around and playing in the park, attending to preschool, looking forward to going to Disneyland, and cherishing the time she gets to spend with her parents and other members of her family.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes?

Do not be fooled by her sweet appearance, chubby face, and adorable little little fingers and toes; she is every bit the amazing toddler diva that not many of us will ever have the chance to be in our entire lives. Everleigh Soutas, who was born to Savannah Soutas on December 14, 2012 in Orange County, California, is without a doubt the cutest and most wonderful toddler that anyone has ever witnessed.

She has not even reached the age of four, but she and her younger playmate Ava Foley have already achieved internet and celebrity stardom. Everleigh is a style maven, and she and her best friend, Ava Foley, have a joint account on Instagram and TikTok. Everleigh’s mother worked as a model and photographer, thus the modeling industry was in her blood from birth. At only 8 months old, she was already posing for the camera.

Everleigh enjoys playing dress up and having her picture taken, in contrast to the majority of children her age who are picky and easily irritated by their clothing and accessories. She is not picky about her attire in any way, including her choice of shoes, and she never throws a fit about whatever she wears. Everleigh’s day is packed at the age of three because to her participation in modeling, dancing, and gymnastics programs. Quite a baby, gotta say!

Cole is a well-known figure on social media in addition to being an actor. Vine was the platform that initially catapulted him to popularity; afterwards, he found success with his family on TikTok and YouTube.

It is well knowledge that his wife and children frequently share items on social media. The pair has made a name for themselves by uploading a variety of humorous videos to their channel, such as pranks and family announcements that feature Savannah’s daughter Everleigh.

Everleigh currently resides with her mother, while the relationship between Tommy Smith and Savannah has ended. Despite the fact that they are no longer together, Tommy sees his daughter on a regular basis and frequently posts images from those visits to his Instagram account.

Tommy has posted several cute images of his daughter Everleigh Rose to his Instagram account, which can be found here.

Everleigh is a young woman who possesses a great sense of style and can make any camera and photograph appear to have artistic merit. She is a youthful fashionista. She is completely at ease and unguarded in front of the camera, which is one of her many photo hobbies.

Everleigh has appeared on a variety of news programs and has posed for prestigious brands such as Kardashian Kids.

She has a significant passion for dance and is a member of the competition squad at her school. According to the content of her Instagram account, she has always had the ambition of working as a dance teacher when she grows up.

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