Who Is Elliot Rush? Errol Musk Son Age Gap Mother And Family Ethnicity

Errol Musk has given birth to a child, Elliot Rush (Source: Favebites)

Elliot Rush is the son of South African engineer, aviator and sailor Erol Musk. He is a controversial child who came into the spotlight after Errol gave birth to him with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout.

Public concern about Elliot is gradually growing because he is the half-brother of billionaire businessman Elon Musk. Because of the relationship of his parents, his birth caused a lot of scandals. His mother Jana Bezudenhout and his father share a close family bond, as Jana is the daughter of his wife Errol.

Who is Elliot Rush?

Elliot Rush was brought into this world by Errol Musk and Jana Jana Bezuidenhout. Since Jana is Errol’s step-daughter, many controversies were sparked when he was conceived.

A young child has become a hot topic in the media. Jana started living with his father when she was only four years old. Having a child with a daughter is a kind of wrong and immoral behaviour.

Moreover, before the sexual intimacy between Erol and Jana, they shared a pure relationship between daughter and father. People were amazed at their activities, and rumors about them on social media spread widely. The unfortunate incident led to the birth of a cute baby boy named Elliot, more details about him will be published as soon as we have the information.

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Errol Musk Sun Egg Gap

Errol Musk was 72 years old when Elliot Rush came into the world. Hence, there is an age gap of 72 years between father and son. Errol is a wealthy man who lives a lavish lifestyle because of his career. He was recognized as an engineering consultant and real estate developer, which is the main reason for his prosperous life.

Elliott was born in 2017 and is currently 5 years old. Perhaps the birthplace of this adorable kid was in South Africa. He is currently residing with his mother and father in South Africa.

The little boy is unaware of the controversy that arose after his birth. Despite the fuss, his parents took good care of him and raised him in a polite environment.

About Mother Elliot Rush Jana Bezuidenhout and the family’s race

Jana Beswedenhout is the mother of Elliot Rush, who is dual ethnicity South African, Canadian, British. Jana is the daughter of popular character Errol Musk, and the intimate relationship between them gave birth to Elliot Rush. Although Jana did not share her private details with the public, she appears as a charming lady with a great personality.

News of Jana’s second pregnancy spread on the internet, and Errol Musk recently revealed that Jana has given birth to a second child.

Although she gave birth to a baby in 2019, he confirmed this news in 2022. Jana is a South African media personality who is currently 34 and a mother of two. Musk shared that he loves Jana and feels blessed to be the father of her two children.

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