Who Is Deep River Ct’s Jameson Chapman? Man is detained for shoving an 11-year-old.

Who Is Deep River Ct’s Jameson Chapman? Man is detained for shoving an 11-year-old.

An 11-year-old boy was verbally and physically abused on Main Street shortly after 6 p.m. on June 27. Jameson Chapman, a Deep River man, is currently in arrest.

The victim’s mother informed Connecticut State Police Troop F that her son had been attacked by an adult man while riding his bike. In a video of the incident, the guy is seen speaking with the boy and telling him in an expletive-filled tirade to leave his community.

Who Is Deep River Ct’s Jameson Chapman? – A Man Was Arrested For Pushing An Eleven-Year-Old

The authorities’ recognised 48-year-old Jameson Chapman enquired as to the boy’s birthplace. Another video appears to show Dominique’s child being pushed off his bike by Chapman.

Dominique said that although her son was scared by the occurrence, he is now OK.

He avoids interacting with people. He’s afraid to leave the house, she claimed. This is one of the very few wonderful communities you can find in Connecticut, therefore it’s tragic that a very small percentage of people feel unsafe with themselves and their bodies and feel the need to assault others.

State troopers saw the footage of the alleged attack and then spoke with the victim at his mother’s house.

Jameson Chapman Was Arrested And Given A Jail Term

It was discovered that the suspect is a Deep River native. According to the state police, Jameson Chapman was apprehended on Monday.

Chapman was charged with endangering a child, third-degree assault, and disturbing the peace, according to the state police.

Jameson Chapman, 48, of Deep River, Connecticut, was detained after allegedly harassing an 11-year-old Black youngster for “being in his area.” He then knocked the kid off his bike and abused him.

Chapman was transported without incident to Troop F Westbrook. His fingerprints were obtained, and he was processed in compliance with the Connecticut General Statutes.

He was released on a $10,000 bond and taken to the Hartford Correctional Center. Chapman is scheduled to appear in Middletown Superior Court on July 11.

jameson chapman

jameson chapman

Is Jameson Chapman Racist? – Black Boy Being Pushed

Mother of the victim reported that her child had been attacked by an adult man while riding his bike to Connecticut State Police Troop F. A video of the incident that was given to the WFSB and posted on social media shows:

In a profanity-laced diatribe, Jameson Chapman, 48, of Deep River’s Winter Avenue, is seen speaking with the young man and advising him to leave his hometown. In the footage, Chapman can also be seen yanking the child off of his bike and into the sidewalk.

Desiree is more worried about the psychological repercussions than Daniel’s physical injuries after pointing out to Eyewitness News where it happened on High Street. Daniel has some scrapes and bruises.

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