Who Is Cindy Dooley Hughes From Sanford Fl? Howard Hughes Wife In Racial Profiling Video

Cindy Dooley Hughes, who has been married to her husband Howard Huges for more than a decade, may be seen in a clip posted to Facebook Tuesday by a man who claims to be JJ’s dad.

One man in a blue shirt stood with his hands on his hips, watching the guy holding the camera, who is assumed to be JJ, in the clip. Another man, wearing sunglasses, circles a white Mercedes vehicle, his phone pointing at the license plate.


The man in sunglasses exclaims in JJ’s face, “Burning out and racing through my fucking neighborhood!” In front of the camera, the man in the blue shirt joins him, as reported by the Daily Beast.

JJ is accused of having a gun by a woman on the street who wears a striped towel around her waist and wears a cross around her neck.

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