Who Is Christina Marleau? Meet Patrick Marleau Wife And Children

Patrick Marleau is a pro ice hockey player, and Christina Marleau is his wife. Her partner is a forward in the NHL. He has played in about 1,779 games, which makes him the player with the most games played in the history of the league.

When he was picked second overall in the NHL Entry Draft, Marleau spent most of his time with the San Jose Sharks.

Marleau now has the most goals, even-strength goals, power-play goals, points, shots, and games played in the team’s history.

Marleau is the fourth player in NHL history to play in 900 games in a row. He was the second-to-last NHL player from the 1990s who was still playing.

Marleau will still be the NHL player who has played in the most regular season and postseason games without winning the Stanley Cup in 2020–21.

Christina Marleau with her husband

Christina Marleau with her husband Patrick Marleau

Who Is Christina Marleau? Patrick Marleau Wife

Starting in May 2021, Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co.KG will hire Christina Marleau as a project manager. She has been married to Patrick Marleau since 2004.

They’ve been together for nearly two decades. They seem to be close and still like being with each other. At the moment, the couple lives in San Jose, California.

At the time, Christina worked in accounting, and her husband saw her for the first time when she was talking about him with her boss.

One day, she and her friend were with him, and Christina was completely shocked. On their date, they go to a movie first.

Christina Marleau Age & Job

From the pictures we have of her now, it looks like Christina Marleau is in her 40s. She knows a lot about accounting and is good at it. She works for Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co.KG as a project manager right now.

First, she took 2 years and 6 months of Ausbildung, Medienkauffrau, Digital, and Print. She works as a trainee from 2011 to 2013. She has worked at Deutscher Arzteverlag for 12 years and 10 months.

Christina Marleau Children

Christina and Patrick Marleau had four beautiful children after they got married. Their names are Brody Christopher Marleau, Landon Patrick Marleau, Caleb Marleau, and Jagger Marleau.

Landon Patrick Marleau is the oldest. He was born on October 16, 2006. Then Brody Christopher Marleau was born in March 2009.

In the same way, their third son, Jagger Marleau, was born in 2011. Caleb Marleau was born in November 2014. He was their fourth child.

Christina Marleau Net Worth

Christina Marleau has a total net worth of about $46 million. In 2017, her husband makes about $1.5 million a year.

But her husband Patrick Marleau has been in the NHL for 19 years. As a pro hockey player who is not tied to any team, her partner has made a lot of money.

We don’t expect anything less from him since he has been playing since 1995. Also, Marleau’s wealth made it likely that the couple and their kids would live in style.

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