Who Is Brooklyn Shooting Armed Suspect Malik Williams? Why Did The NYPD Shoot Him?

Malik Williams is known to be one of the people the police shot on a Saturday night.

About an hour after a related police shooting in Queens, an armed man shot at an NYPD officer in Brooklyn on Saturday night. The officer had to shoot the man because he was a threat. He was later found to be Malik Williams.

It all started when a car with passengers broke a traffic rule. In a press release, the police department talked in depth about what happened. But the shot was fired only after the criminal used his gun.

Brooklyn Police around investigates the street shooting

Brooklyn Police around investigates the street shooting

Who Is Malik Williams From Brooklyn Shooting?

Malik is a suspect from Brooklyn who shot at a New York Police Department officer. The police first saw him in the middle of traffic. But, as the New York Post said, when people tried to stop him, he ran away to Downtown Brooklyn.

After a terrible thing happened, police found out that his name was Malik Williams. Around 7:40 p.m., when police tried to pull the suspect over, he tried to get away. So, he was chased by an NYPD officer for more than three blocks.

During the press conference on Saturday night, officials said that he was in the car with more than one other person. At Flatbush Avenue and Nevins Street, police tried to stop them because they were breaking the rules of the road.

Also, the police talked with the people inside the car for about seven or eight minutes. Williams jumped out of the front seat at the time, which led to a foot chase.

Where Did NYPD Shoot Armed Suspect?

When William ran across Flatbush Avenue from the front seat of his car, a police officer gave chase. Chief of Patrol Jeffer Madley said that the suspect, Malik, turned around and showed where his guns were. He fired more than once at the official who was coming toward him.

In response, the police officer shot his gun, hitting the suspect in the chest. He fell down, and someone took him to the hospital. Even though shots were fired in the street, only the suspect was hurt. But, as the NYPD said, cops were punished for ringing their bells.

The whole area around Rockwell Place and Lafayette Avenue was affected by the event.

Is Malik Williams Still Alive?

Malik was taken to the hospital after he was hit in the chest by a bullet. The NYPD said that he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

His family may be going through a lot right now. More questions are being asked, and the police haven’t said if Williams’s family has been given his body.

But none of the suspect’s family members have been on the internet or on the news. On the same night, police took down another person after getting a 911 call.

A 60-year-old man from Cambria Heights named Raul Hardy was killed by gunfire. The official source said that he had said he would kill Governor Kathy Hochul.

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