Who Is Bianca Cristovao? Stand-Up Comedian Biography And Recent Shows Update

Bianca Cristovao is a comedian, actress and writer. She’s made the finals on Laugh Factory’s Funnest Person in the World, and fans want to know more about her.

Bianca Cristovao is an actress and producer best known for her roles in the films Art Broken (2021), Loving in America (2020), and Demetrinox (2019). (2018). She was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert not too long ago.

It was a finalist in last year’s Laugh Factory’s Funnest Person in the World and HBO Comedy Wings competition. She was also on international TV late at night.

When she’s not doing stand-up comedy, she directs and performs sketches (WhoHaha, Channel 101) and hosts a podcast about diversity called Mixed Up with Bianca and Madison.

Who is the funny person Bianca Cristovao? Wikipedia Explore

Bianca Cristovao, comedian, does not have a Wikipedia page. But there is information about the comedian in many websites on the Internet.

She was born in the Czech Republic and raised in Los Angeles, USA. In 2016, she was one of the finalists for the Laugh Factory’s Funnest Person in the World competition.

Cristovao is best known for her roles and work as a producer in the films Art Broken (2021), Loving in America (2020), and Demetrinox (2018).

How old is Bianca Cristovao and what do her parents look like

Bianca Cristovao’s ages range from 25 to 30 years old. The comedian did not tell the audience when she was actually born.

Nor did she say anything about her other parents. She was raised in the United States, but her parents are likely Czech. Bianca is a girl who likes to keep things to herself and stay away from the media.

biancacristovao is Cristovao’s Instagram account, which has more than 15.1k followers and 65 posts. She usually writes about her job and posts it on her blog.

Does Bianca Kristova have a partner?

Her boyfriend, British actor, director and producer Darwin Shaw, is in a relationship with Bianca Kristova. There have been rumors that they are going back to 2020.

Darwin works in theatre, film, and television. He was a doctor before returning to acting school at LAMDA in 2004. He had already studied theater in New York City.

Shaw is presented by photographer David Bailey. Asuka, the character he played in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, has been transformed into a LEGO model. He received the Gold Award for Advanced Combat from the British Academy of Dramatic Fighting.

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