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The House of Ho-season 2 made a hype section and introduced its new members, Cousin Bella and Kim Ho.

House of ho, the popular unscripted TV show, is back with its new season and has been broadcast on HBO Max. The unscripted TV drama centers around the existence of a wealthy Vietnamese family living in Texas, USA. This documentary series takes us into the existence of the Ho family led by Binh Ho and his other half, Hue Ho.


Following the result of the main season, House of Ho aired the most memorable episode of season two on August 25, 2022. Although only one episode has aired so far with two other additional actors, Bella Ho and Kim Ho, as of now audiences are involved in the offer.

Both cousins, Kim and Bella are shocked, Bella had the option of getting plenty of public notices. Bella has become a hotly debated issue among the public and the media for her outstanding distinction as well as for being the young girl of the famous Vietnamese singer Thanh Ha.

Let us dive into the rich presence of Belle Ho in this article.

Who is Bella is from the house is? Her Age and Wiki Bella Ho has entered the House of Ho and people are eager to learn her finer details, age, and wiki.

Place of Ho has been a huge hit with the arrival of its subsequent season and it is rushing all over virtual entertainment and audiences. Season one itself was a massive accomplishment, however, the second season is gaining faultless viewers for two additional reasons.

The two new targets behind the massive viewership are Cousins, Bella Ho, and Kim Ho. Kim is constantly collecting attention after her memorable TV appearances, however Bella had the option of getting plenty of notices from the media and the public as she is taking advantage of her mother’s bad reputation.

Bella Ho entered the show being Jodi Ho’s cousin. Bella is Jodi’s younger sister who returned to Texas after completing her nursing course in California. Bella has not revealed her real birthday, rather she is a 22-year-old young lady who was born and raised in Texas, United States.

Bella Ho family details. Bella is Jodi Ho’s cousin and has a place with the Ho family, a Vietnamese-American family living in Texas.

Bella Ho is the girl of the famous Vietnamese singer Thanh Ha who was not only famous in Vietnam but also spread her craze all over the world. The wonderful magnificence of Bella is also a genetic gift from her mother Thanh.

Apparently 22-year-old Bella has charms and abilities, which fans have guaranteed she will be a brain-delighted. Bella is among the 11 offspring of the Ho family who recently entered the show with her 25-year-old sister, Kim Ho.

Bella is part of a wealthy, extravagant Vietnamese family, who came as homeless to the United States. The head of the family is Binh Ho, who is supposed to be a “very ruthless patriarch”. The container arrived in the United States in 1975 and is currently actually settling $1,000,000, by taking the position of a speculative broker at Lu Investment, Inc.

Binh has a wife Hugh Ho, who is known to be really basic and get her kids back from the situation and anger of her significant other, Binh. She loves to prepare and eat Sunday meals. Shade is generally seen protecting her spoiled child, Washington who sorts money like it’s nothing.

Judy Ho is the oldest and most conscientious girl in the family. Judy is a legal advisor and mother of three. Be that as it may, unlike her sister, Brother Washington is a spoiled child who loves to party and drink. Supposedly he was a former playboy, but he currently needs to recuperate for his significant other, Leslie, and the kids, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Leslie being the wife of Washington is a full-time drug therapist and mother of two, who grew up in a working-class family and acclimated to the lavish lifestyle. Then comes Aunt Tina who is Binh Ho’s sister and she is very progressive regardless of her age. She was seen partying, shopping and making every moment count.

Sami comes next as Jodi’s older cousin who is currently Washington’s chief marketing officer, colleague, and compatriot. The streak comes from cousin Kim who also returned to Texas as Bella and was recently engaged to the family.

New interview: We talk to Bella and Kim Ho about what lies ahead #HouseofHo Season 2! https://t.co/m0Ly7lmKXtTweet embed # Hahahahahahahaha Tweet embed pic.twitter.com/U8CF5wN2vh

– PopCityLife August 25 2022

Meet Bella Ho on Instagram Bella may be new to the show, but she’s been a dynamic in the web’s entertainment handlers for a long time, but she loves being a low-key piece.

Bella is new to the media, apart from being a very famous mom. Whatever the case, she’s an important withdrawn character who cherishes her own space which is why she wasn’t seen much on TV before creating a department at House of Ho.

As can be seen from the database, Bella’s Instagram index is 8ellaaa. Bella has kept her profile hidden yet it has more than 700 posts which makes it look like an individual who loves to share her life to date just for a certain measure of individuals and living quietly.

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