Who Is Aubree Bergmann? Jake Bergmann Ex-Wife, Net Worth – Nikki Fried’s Fiance Was Once Married | Read

Aubrey Bergman is best known as the ex-wife of Nikki Fried’s life partner Jake Bergman, a prominent Marigan business visionary located in Florida.

Jake and Nikki announced their commitment in December 2019, and the couple had been together before then. The businessman additionally went to the front of his care partner while they were dating.


Nikki is an American Legal Counsel and Legislator who was born in Miami, Florida, on December 13, 1977. Starting around 2019, she has served as the 12th Commissioner of Agriculture in Florida. An individual from the Democratic Party, transferred from the University of Florida.

US legal counsel has recently practiced different types of regulation, including expropriation protection, corporate regulation, and public protection. She has also been an unmistakable lobbyist in the Florida pot industry.

A few specifics have some great awareness of the individual existence of Nikki’s life partner. He was recently linked to Aubrey, and they broke up in 2021. Things are the way they are, who is Jake’s ex? While there are various speculations about it, this is just what we do know.

Meet Jake Bergman’s Ex-Wife Aubrey Bergman Aubrey Bergman is the ex-wife of Jake Bergman, the organizer behind an organization that is one of the largest providers of Marigan Medical Services in Florida.

The couple married in August 2010, and after nearly 10 years of dating, they petitioned for legal separation in April 2019, but both were fired before that. The former couple registered their separation proceedings in Fulton County.,

In June 2021, Jake finalized the separation from the proceedings with his ex-wife. The recent ruling of the situation allowed for an explicit separation of the two. Both agreed, and were registered with the Fulton County Superior Court.

Publicly available reports have not disclosed all information relevant to the settlement. The congregations allegedly agreed to isolate all marital resources equitably. Jake has chosen to take responsibility in connection with any Acknowledgment Card obligation he has had by or with any outside person.

Jake also agreed that he would protect Aubrey assuming that any bank sought to go after her for cost, such as through liens on any property once shared. Likewise, Aubrey agreed to similar circumstances. In addition, the couple agreed to the guardianship of the young man and a child support plan.

Aubree Bergmann Net Worth – How rich is it? Aubree Bergmann has not disclosed her exact details, including her income and total assets.

Other than being the ex of a prominent businessman, Jake Bergman, not much is known about her points of interest. She likes to keep her life out of the limelight and live a quiet life.

Aubrey and her ex-husband have similarly agreed to separate all resources from their union. Jake undoubtedly has incredible total assets from his business as the state’s largest provider of maryjane medical clinics.

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The conclusion of their marriage came after Nikki Freed announced her candidacy for Florida’s legislative president on June 1, 2021, in the 2022 Florida governors’ political race. The government official faces an American delegate, Charlie Crist, and the former Florida legislative leader.

Nikki Fried’s fiancé Jake Bergman Discovered Jake Bergman’s Personal Life Aubrey Bergman married in August 2010, and the couple parted ways after almost 10 years.

In April 2019, segregation proceedings took place in Fulton County, but the two were previously quarantined. Jake wrapped up separate from the proceedings with Aubrey in June 2021.

Aubrey Bergman and Jake Bergman’s children, Jake Bergman and Aubrey Bergman, share three children from their marriage; However, the entrepreneur did not share much about his children.

After the split, the former couple agreed to take care of the little ones and a child support plan. In June 2020, Jake and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried got involved in an oral dispute at a hostel in Fort Lauderdale.

The dispute arose due to a bulkhead in the inn’s garage. The safety officer watched the episode and ensured Bergman threw a trash can and pushed the lawmaker, but Nikki denies the latter option.

The Stronghold Lauderdale Police Department escorted the businessman out of the property and documented a traditional police report, and no arrests were made. Nikki denied that he was actually mistreated in the aftermath of the episode and replaced some of the high-ranking employees who had convicted him.

Jake and Nikki have no children, and the couple’s marriage date has not been announced.

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