Who Is André Bamberski & Where Is He Now? Kalinka Father, His Wife Danielle

After Krumbach’s arrest, investigators were unable to uncover any hard evidence linking the doctor’s murder to Krumbach. He was eventually released from prison.

Reportedly, the enraged Pamperski traveled to Germany and distributed leaflets accusing Krumbach of killing his daughter Kalinka Pamperski. Next, the two engaged in a defamation act, which Krumbach eventually won.

Immediately after the revival of the Kalinka Pampersky affair in France, Krumbash was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile, he was arrested and then convicted in 1997 for drugging and raping another teenage patient. His medical license was revoked, and he stopped working for two years. Several other women made similar allegations of drugging and rape, but there was not enough concrete evidence to convict Krumbach.

Subsequently, Pamperski is said to have paid men to kidnap Krumbach and take him to France. In Mulhouse, France, his kidnappers beat him and threw him near a police station.

Although he was not extradited to Germany, Pampersky was brought to trial there and admitted his involvement in the kidnapping of Krumbach. He was sentenced to one year in prison with probation.

On the other hand, a French court sentenced Krumbach to 15 years in prison in October 2011. Krumbach served nearly nine years of his sentence before the court finally agreed to release him in February 2020 due to his deteriorating health, after several appeals were filed against him. his release.

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