Who Is Alden Bunag? Hawaii Teacher Arrested For Sharing Inappropriate Video

Alden Bunag’s arrest was first reported on Twitter by KHON2 News early this morning. Per the court filings, the teacher was found guilty of improperly transmitting images and footage.

Bunag will be charged with many counts of child abuse and abusing minor students.

On Thursday, Alden appeared in federal court for the first time and is being held in detention until his next court session. His next hearing is scheduled for 21 June 2022.

He also acknowledged releasing the video recording of his sexual interaction. Also, he committed to transmitting child pornography involving other underage victims.

According to former state attorney general Doug Chin, the way the accused confessed to the offenses demonstrates how those who perpetrate these types of crimes often believe they can get away with it.

Doug Chin also underlines the importance of collaboration among numerous agencies around the country, especially when dealing with people accused of such heinous crimes.

“To be able to crack down on some of the most terrifying and horrible people in our community,” he continued, referring to people who prey on children for sexual gain.

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