Who Are the parents of Carmen Rita Wong? CNBC Journalist Family Information: Why Does She Have Short Hair?

Who Are the parents of Carmen Rita Wong? CNBC Journalist Family Information: Why Does She Have Short Hair?

Rita Wong

Rita Wong

Author Carmen Rita Wong narrates her search for identity in the book-comedy “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” she wrote in response to the confusion brought on by a DNA test.

Her discovery that neither the father of Chinese origin her mother divorced nor the stepfather her mother later married are her biological fathers is discussed in the book.

Wong, who also goes by the name of the author, works for a reputable media company affiliated with CNBC and is a personal finance expert as well as a radio, television, and online journalist. Wong is sought-after on the Internet because of his numerous accomplishments.

People are also quite fascinated by Wong now that her book “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” has been published in 2022. It’s due of the creative way she described the most important turning event in her life. She admits in the book that the two father figures her mother gave her weren’t actually her biological fathers.

Who Are The Natural Parents Of Carmen Rita Wong?

Guadalupe A. Giannotti and Peter Wong, who Carmen Rita Wong always believed to be her biological parents, gave birth to her.

After her mother divorced Carmen’s father, Peter, who is of Chinese origin, she later wed Charles J. Giannotti, an Italian American, and moved the family to New Hampshire. All of this occurred before Carmen started elementary school.

Wong lived in Harlem as a young child with her mother and her mother’s family. Peter Wong would occasionally take Wong and her brother to Chinatown for meals while they were co-parenting, we assume. Since she was a small child and because of her last name, her mother persuaded Wong that Peter Wong was her real father. She had no idea that her mother had kept her biological father’s identity a secret throughout her whole life.

DNA Test Results for Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen’s biography “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” was inspired by the DNA test report that was used to determine that Charles J. Giannotti and Peter Wong were Carmen’s biological fathers.

She claimed in her book that while living in Charles, Wong’s stepfather’s home in New Hampshire, she had to endure racial slurs started by her instructors, acquaintances, and even police officers. The teachers would say to her mother at parent-teacher conferences, “she must get it from her Chinese side,” even after she had achieved good academic accomplishments on her own and with her mother’s assistance.

Despite all the identity problems she went through, Carmen was developing her own survival plan until a secret turned everything upside down. Her stepfather revealed that he was her biological father after her mother passed away from cancer. She had a difficult time understanding the revelation until she took a DNA test, which showed that neither Peter Wong nor her stepfather was her true father.

Following her mother’s death from cancer, she was left with the burden of an identity crisis. She asks her mother in her book, “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” for keeping her in the darkness of lies for so long.

Additional Information Regarding The Journalist’s Family: Are They Nonagenarian?

We cannot categorize Wong’s mother as being in the age range of 90 to 99 because she previously passed away from cancer, and we also cannot categorize her as being in that range because we don’t know who her biological father is.

However, in a 2005 article about Carmen R. Wong’s marriage to Lawrence Ulrich, The New York Times mentioned Charles J. Giannotti as Carmen’s father. She also refers to Peter Wong as Papi, as can be seen in her tweet. She appears to refer to both of her father figures as fathers. So there are less odds that her father-like characters are nonagenarians, which brings up the question of whether they are or are not. Carmen’s current age of 48 in 2022 makes it less likely that she will have a 40-year age difference with her father-like figures.

Carmen has four younger sisters and an older brother, which round out her family. Carmen also has her own daughter, Bianca, who was born in 2006.

Also a topic of interest is Carmen’s lack of lengthy hair. She has blonde hair that has been dyed short. We are unable to determine why the journalist wears short hair because it is a very private matter/decision that no one prioritizes to bring up.

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