Who Are Sinclaire Johnson Parents? World Athletics Finalist Height, Meet Her Family

Johnson was born to her proud parents, Thomas Johnson and Claire Johnson. Her loved ones in Florida raised her.

Her father is a member of an architecture firm who handles marketing oversight. Previously, he worked on designing mega resorts in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Johnson’s mother is a collaboration manager who has hired medical clerks. She was about 30 years old. The Athelian parents were together. The sports mom is active on Instagram under the title @daisyamongroses and has accumulated 1242 followers.

Johnson was encouraged by her parents. She made her place on the podium with the support of her family.

On May 14, 2018, she said: “My amazing support system. Thankful to the parents who have always put me before them. I’m so glad you two can come to the Big 12’s this weekend. Much love to you both.

Claire Johnson captioned the photo, “It was a wonderful weekend and the perfect place to spend Mother’s Day! We will always be your biggest fan.

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