Who Are Priah Ferguson Parents? Mother Adjua Ferguson and Father John Ferguson


Priah Ferguson plays the lead role in Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow ( Source : instagram )

Actress Priah Ferguson was born in Georgia to her parents, mother Adjua Ferguson And father John Fergusonis. 

Priah Ferguson is a teenage actress, softball player, and social media influencer from the United States.

She is best known for the 2019 movie Bluff City Law (TV Series), the 2022 television series Hamster & Gretel, the 2017–23 television series Stranger Things, and the 2022 film The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

She was first exposed to the performing arts when she was five years old and immediately fell in love with the theater, where she discovered her exceptional comedic and dramatic timing and delivery.

She gained notoriety for her breakthrough performance as Erica Sinclair in Season 2 of Stranger Things. Everyone was in stitches thanks to her ancient spirit and quick wit charm.

1. Priah Ferguson Was Born To Mother Adjua Ferguson And Father John Ferguson

Priah Ferguson’s parents, mother Adjua Ferguson And father John Ferguson set her up for success by introducing her to theatre at a young age.

The future celebrity Priah Ferguson is still a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, where she was born and reared. An extremely creative family makes up Priah’s family.

She collaborated with African-American singer Janelle Monáe when her father John was a creative director and photographer. Adjua, the actress’s mother, is a successful businesswoman and graphic designer. Priah is their oldest child. 

Priah was really interested in theater and wanted to become an actress since her parents made sure their girls grew up embracing the performing arts. The star’s parents signed her up for a talent agency in Atlanta in order to support her goals.

2. Her Full Name Is Priah Nicole Ferguson

The complete name of Priah Nicole Ferguson can be difficult for some people to remember because it is so long. She, therefore, abbreviates her true name. In the film industry, she is primarily reco

gnized by her maiden name, Priah Ferguson.

3. She Is 16 Years Old As Of 2022

The very devoted and encouraging parents of Priah Ferguson welcomed her into the world on October 1st, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is 16 years old as of 2022.

She established a renowned name and fame at such a young age. She is well renowned in the film industry for being so young.

4. She Has A Sister Named Jayda Ferguson

Her parents’ oldest child is Priah Ferguson. Jayda Ferguson, her younger sister, is also a blessing. She is a well-known young artist, therefore everyone is interested in learning more about her family.

Jayda, the star’s sister, is equally enthusiastic about the arts. We think Jayda will succeed with the aid and guidance of her sister and become well-known.

5. She Makes Her Debut In FX Networks Show Atlanta

Priah Ferguson made her television debut in 2016 on Mercy Street and the Civil War drama Atlanta, both on the FX Network.

Ferguson was chosen to play Erica Sinclair, the younger sister of Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), in the science fiction/horror Netflix series Stranger Things in 2017.

After recurring in earlier seasons, she was given the opportunity to become a series regular. She had an appearance in the 2018 movie The Oath. Ferguson also collaborated with United Way in 2015 in an effort to raise awareness of child wellbeing.

The non-profit requested her to serve as the official Spokeskid for their Atlanta branch since the video was so warmly received. Priah takes satisfaction in using her skills to promote philanthropy and wants to motivate others by doing so.

6. Her Newest Film Is The Curse Of Bridge Hollow

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson plays the lead in a silly new movie that is sure to amuse audiences of all ages and join the ranks of other terrifying classics.

Ferguson who plays the role of Sydney is a young adolescent who was raised in Brooklyn but recently relocated to Bridge Hollow, a suburban community that enjoys celebrating Halloween. 

Sydney discovers something that piques her attention, namely Bridge Hollow’s paranormal celebrations and activities. And because her father is a highly rational thinker and believes that everything needs an explanation, this kind of puts her at odds with him.

7. She Is Sharing The Screen With Marlon Wayans

Priah Ferguson declared working with Marlon was a joy. He counseled her both on and off the set. He was cold and acted as an indirect father figure. They got along pretty well.

Additionally, the family, such as Kelly [Rowland] and the entire cast got along incredibly well. 

“I don’t know if there’s a particular sequence that comes to mind, but working with Marlon was definitely a highlight”, she admitted.

“He always had a joke or two to tell. However, I would make an effort to control my laughter until the director called “cut,” at which point I would be able to let it all out.”


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