Who Are Nico Hiraga Parents Jun Hiraga And Alison Hiraga? Where Is The ‘Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between’ Actor From

Nico Hiraga, who is also known as Nicholas Hiraga, is an American skateboarder, social media influencer, and actor who is currently in the spotlight after starring in “Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between.”

The American drama film Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between is based on Jennifer E. Smith’s book of the same name. It was Michael Lewen’s first time making a movie. The drama movie will be available on Netflix’s website on July 6, 2022.

After seeing him in the popular Netflix show, many of his fans are curious about Nico’s life and personal details because he is a good actor. His charm and boundless energy seem to be two of his main draws.

A verified official Instagram account for the young star with the handle @nicotheduffer can be found on the platform Instagram. His Instagram account has over 480 posts and 632K followers.

Nico Hiraga

Nico Hiraga

Nico Hiraga Father Jun Hiraga and Mother Alison Hiraga

Nico Hiraga was born on December 19, 1997, in San Francisco, California, to parents Jun Hiraga and Alison Hiraga.

Alison, his mother, is a German-American citizen, and Jun, his father, is a Japanese citizen. Moxie (2019), Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (2022), and Booksmart are all movies that Hirage wrote or acted in (2019). (2021).

Nico’s skateboarding skills were also something that his parents really liked. Since he was young, he has loved skateboarding. The actor won the skateboarding tournament for kids under 13 in his neighborhood.

Nico was supported by the Wheelhouse, a group that helps local skateboarders get noticed. He has also gotten sponsorship from companies like “Create Skateboard” and “Lakai Shoes” because of how well he skates.

The Ethnicity & Family Background of Nico Hiraga

Nico Hiraga is a citizen of the United States and has Japanese, German, English, Scottish, and Dutch roots. He believes in the Christian faith.

The actor also has a younger brother, but the public doesn’t know who he is.

Online, you can’t find out much about his other family members. The young star has kept private information about his family to himself.

In addition to trying to make it in the movie business, the actor also works in the clothing business. He worked with the sportswear company Lakai to make the Cherry Blossom capsule collection, which was inspired by the time of year in Japan when the cherry blossoms bloom.

Nico Hiraga: Girlfriend Leila Mendoca

Nico Hiraga has been dating Leila Mendoca for a long time, and they are happy together.

They have been seeing each other for a while now (assumed to be over three years). The girl Hiraga dates has a normal life. She doesn’t get as much attention as her boyfriend Nico.

Also, not much is known about her because the actor has kept his girlfriend away from the press. She still lives in Hawaii, though. Nico Hiraga is likely to visit her in Hawaii after the filming of Booksmart is done.

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