Who Are Juan Toscano-Anderson Parents? NBA Warriors Players Talked Growing Up With A Mixed Heritage –

Juan was born to his mother, Patricia Toscano. However, we don’t have any information on his father.

Patricia was a single mother to Juan and three of his other siblings. 

Patricia was a single mother of four who raised Juan alone. As a single mother, she had to face numerous challenges. Her younger brother, nephew, and two cousins were all killed in the streets where Juan grew up.

They were basically homeless since Juan’s father left them very young. He and his family lived in the car for a while. Patricia had her family, but she didn’t want to take her family to live with her parents. 

Patricia’s goal for Juan by the time he was 14 was to get him to college. Patrica is now a proud mother, and she loves seeing her son living his dream. 

Juan doesn’t talk much about his father since he left him and his family very early age. 

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