Who Are AJ Ferrari’s Parents? Family And Brother Of Oklahoma State Wrestling Player

Born on July 24, 2001, in Allen, Texas, AJ Ferrari’s family moved to Dallas when he was younger.

Ferrari’s father, Albert Ferrari, is a certified public accountant and is the driving force behind AJ’s decision to enter wrestling. Various sources claim that the father was strict regarding the training of the young boy.

Ferrari’s mother, Adriana Ferrari, is an excellent chef, and the young wrestler talked at length about his mother’s cooking. He mentioned that she makes a great Italian with his grandmother.

The family is of Italian heritage and is proud of Italian Americans, besides being a devout Christian. The young wrestler told many sports media that he relies on the support of his parents a lot.

He was credited with being able to travel three to four hours whenever he wanted great psychological support for him. He says his family support is one of the reasons he’s been able to stand tall in wrestling.

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