Where Is Virginia Larzelere Son Now? Jason Larzelere Age Family

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Jason Larzelere reportedly helped his mother, Virginia Larzelere, to kill his stepfather on March 8, 1991, but the court acquitted him in 1992 after he testified against his mother.  

He is the son of an infamous convicted murderer Virginia. In particular, Jason is the son of Virginia from her first marriage. Virginia came from a poor environment where she faced horrible things during her childhood due to poverty.  

She never wanted her son to live the devastating life because she had faced it in the past years. In addition, she had married four times, and Norman was her fourth husband. She reportedly hired a hit man to kill her first husband in 1975 as a stranger shot her first husband on a dark highway, where she had asked him to go that way to help her cousin. However, her husband survived the attack. 

Jason was a toddler when that incident happened, and her first husband did not press charges against her as he did not want to break the family. Nonetheless, they separated way after two years. 

Where Is Virginia Larzelere Son Now? Jason Larzelere

Jason Larzelere often comes to people’s attention regarding the Virginia case. In particular, many people wonder where Jason is at the current date. However, he prefers to live a low-profile life as he has not shared any personal information with the media at the current date. 

Further, he has not appeared on public platforms in the following years. On the other hand, he reportedly enlisted in the United States Navy in the past years. However, his current whereabouts are still the subject of suspense. 

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Is Jason Larzelere Still In Prison?

Jason is not at the prison at the current date. In particular, his stepfather Norman Larzelere got killed on March 8, 1991, at the former’s dental practice on West Knapp Avenue in Edgewater. The hit man was forced into the back of the building and shot Norman through the closed wooden doors when he tried to escape. 

The bullets entered Norman’s chest through the wood and caused his death. On the other hand, a patient in the waiting room heard Norman saying, Jason is that you? during the incident. The investigating team found some clues against Jason and his mother. They charged him with first-degree murder. 

Further, Virginia’s ex-lover testified against her in court, and she got convicted in May 1993. However, the jurors acquitted him in a different trial. He yelled I am free as he was in a sheriff’s deputy’s squad car. 

How Old Is Jason Larzelere? Age Explored

Jason Larzelere has reached the age of 48 at the current date as he was just eighteen at the time of his stepfather’s murder in 1991. In particular, he was born to his mother, Virginia, and her first husband. 

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However, his date of birth is still missing from the web, where he was a toddler when his mother reportedly hired a hitman to kill her first husband in 1975. 

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