Where is Tony Wojcik’s Killer Patricia Silberstein Now?

Patricia Silberstein, who was 22 at the time, finally ended her ordeal with her stalker and abusive ex-boyfriend Tony Wojcik in May 1976 by taking her own life. This allowed him to be free from his control. The unusual punishment meted out to the offender in this case came as a surprise to the residents of Mount Vernon, New York, and it was a terrible development for them.

In the episode of “Deadly Women: DIY Burial” airing on Investigation Discovery, the viewer is taken through the tragic case of Patricia and how the police finally managed to catch her. Who exactly is this Patricia Silberstein, then? Let’s find out!

Tony Wojcik's killer, Patricia Silberstein

Tony Wojcik’s killer, Patricia Silberstein

Who is Patricia Silberstein?

Patricia Silberstein was born in Yonkers, New York in October 1953. In 1974, Patricia was working as a clerk in a Wall Street bank at the age of 20. She was a remarkable worker who excelled in both ambition and diligence. . Patricia’s new workplace is where she met Anthony “Tony” Wojcik, who was 26 at the time. The two immediately bonded with each other. The two were divorcing at the time, and after just a month of dating, they moved in together.

Patricia knew Tony had a passion for jewelry and frequently gave him gold chains and rings as gifts. Even more shockingly, she got her name tattooed at a time when such a thing was far less common than it is today. In a short time, the attraction began to gradually diminish. Patricia came to the conclusion that Tony’s commitment to her was merely superficial when he started dating other women and made no attempt to hide this fact from her. He was a villainous alcoholic in addition to being unfaithful, which was his other major character flaw.

Tony suffered from alcoholism. Throughout the day he drank alcohol. When Patricia accidentally poured the contents of her bottle out the window one day, he physically assaulted her and beat her quite badly. Patricia started seeing Tony for who he really was soon after. In 1976 she broke off her relationship with him, quit her job, and moved to Mount Vernon, New York. Patricia and her brother started a car repair business together there. On top of that, she started dating a new man.

On the other hand, Tony wouldn’t abandon her like that. He kept phoning her and pestering her, and at one point even threatened her. At some point he met her outside and confronted her. When she got into her car, he attacked her, smashed the window and stole her chains and other jewelry. In the end, Patricia came to the conclusion that she would handle the situation on her own. On May 19, 1976, Patricia gave Tony her consent to meet, but only under certain conditions. She drove him to her store after picking him up from her car and driving him there. She said that that day Tony was also drunk and attempted to kiss her aggressively.

Patricia claimed Tony punched her in the face after she refused his approaches after being pushed away by him. On the other hand, she was well prepared this time. She managed to get away from him, grab a baton that was stowed next to the driver’s seat, and break for the Mount Vernon Incinerator, which was located on the property immediately adjacent to her store. Tony, who was intoxicated at the time, tried to chase after her but tripped and fell down the stairs. Patricia had her truncheon ready and she started beating him until it broke his skull and made his brain overflow.

Patricia, in a state of panic, threw him inside one of the incinerators and fled from the scene as blood was splattered everywhere. She drove to her residence in the Bronx, located at 125 Mount Hope Place, and made it look like someone had broken in and stolen her belongings. Tony, however, was still alive and he was able to crawl out of the cave. He continued to bleed until he passed out from hypovolemic shock. When the police arrived, they soon realized that the suspect’s ex-girlfriend worked in the building next to the crime scene.

Is Patricia Silberstein alive today?

After being brought in for questioning, Patricia sobbed and admitted she was responsible for the crime. In May 1976, she was arrested and tried for second degree murder. In July 1977, a jury found her guilty of manslaughter and she was sentenced to over 22 years in prison for her crime. The sentencing judge said the following: “Patricia Silberstein was 22 years, 7 months and 6 days old the day Anthony Wojcik was murdered.” He went on to say, “The jury found that the intent to kill was not established”, and that would be the sentence she would receive.

However, because she appealed her sentence, it was reduced to fifteen years. After serving her full sentence, she was finally released in 1992. Her death was due to natural causes and occurred in her early 40s, three years after her release in 1995.

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