Where Is Thomas Clayton Now? Golfer Sentenced With Murder Of Wife- Is He Still In Jail?

Following the murder of his own wife, Thomas Clayton is presently detained at the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York.

In most cases, the town of Elmira, New York, lives up to its self-described reputation as a “wonderful place to live.” Inconveniently, that would alter for one family on the evening of September 29, 2015.

While Thomas Clayton, Kelley Clayton’s husband, was out playing poker for the evening, Kelley and her two kids stayed at home. Around 2:30 in the morning, he would get home to a horrific scene.

No one was aware of Thomas Clayton’s involvement when he contacted 911 to report discovering his wife, Kelley Clayton, dead. Everything, however, pointed to a cold-blooded murder-for-hire scheme as the investigators dug more.

The investigation into Thomas’ possible involvement in his wife’s murder is chronicled in NBC News’ “Dateline: The House in the Woods.”

Here is what we know of Thomas’ post-event fate in case you’re curious.

Where Is Thomas Clayton Now?

Now serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, Thomas Clayton, 44, is incarcerated in Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. He is not competent for parole.

The jury returned with their decision after six hours of deliberation, according to the Star-Gazette. It didn’t take long for police to identify Clayton as a suspect on the evening Kelley was slain.

More damaging evidence was discovered when they looked into his alibi. According to ABC News, Clayton asked to use a woman’s cell phone while at the poker game that evening.

About 90 minutes before getting home, where he found Kelley’s death, he made the call.

Additionally, the police discovered that Clayton had “doubled his wife’s life insurance coverage” earlier that year. Naturally, they would also find out that Clayton had reportedly been seeing other women.

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Golfer Sentenced With Murder Of Wife: Is Thomas Still In Jail?

In February 2017, Thomas was convicted of first-degree murder following about six weeks of trial processes. The jury was persuaded by CCTV footage and cell phone records that he paid Michael Beard to murder Kelley.

Thomas was given a life sentence in jail without the chance of release in April 2017. His conviction was upheld in 2019 following an appeal.

When Beard was apprehended by police, he instantly confessed and said Clayton had given him $10,000 to kill Kelley.

Additionally, Beard was found guilty as well and was given a life sentence.

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Thomas And Kelley Clayton’s Children Today

Following the inquiry, Thomas and Michael were sentenced to life in prison. The children of Thomas and Kelley were now left without both of their parents.

After the murder, Kim Bourgeois, Kelley’s older sister, and her husband took the children in. Kim claimed she was grateful for the kids, and it appears that they reside in New York. 

No interaction exists between Thomas and the young children.

A domestic violence awareness night was held in March 2017 by Thomas’ old hockey club, with all earnings going to the children’s benefit. Today, Kelley’s kid would be around 9 years old, while her daughter would be in her mid-teens.

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